Russia Has Run Out Of Ammunition: Big Ammunition Depots Of The Russian Army Have Been Destroyed!


ANKA Daily News – 1 Day Ago

An army’s greatest need to continue fighting is weapons. But things are not going well for the Russian army! The ammunition stock of the Russian army is decreasing day by day! Russian soldiers are facing major problems due to the decline in ammunition stocks. The information coming from the battlefield today showed how big the problems the Russian army was experiencing! As Anka Daily News team, we follow all developments in the battlefield for you. For the continuation of independent journalism, you can support us by using the “Super Thanks” button below the video! Let’s start if you are ready!


There are many reasons for the ammunition crisis in the Russian army. The first reason for this crisis is the problems in Russia’s governance! The Putin administration in Russia is implementing repressive policies. A problem that occurs in all repressive regimes is also occurring in Russia: Merit Crisis!


Putin is putting his most loyal people in critical positions! Many of these people do not have enough knowledge and experience in their work. But when they brief Putin, they always say that things are going well. This is leading to a massive rot in Russia’s state institutions! When Putin decided to invade Ukraine, he called a meeting of Russian commanders and defense ministry officials. At this meeting, Russian commanders told him that Kiev could be captured in just a few days. Putin then asked to be informed about the status of ammunition stocks. But the officials, not wanting to reveal the failure of his mission, said that Russian ammunition was sufficient. Putin came out of this meeting thinking that the Russian army was the most powerful in the world. But this was not the reality!


Soon after the Russian army began its invasion of Ukraine, the truth began to emerge. The number of weapons in the Russian army was not enough for a long war. The Russian army started to distribute very few bullets to the soldiers. Because it was feared that the stock of bullets would run out. All arms factories in Russia increased their production. But none of this production was enough. Because the Ukrainian army managed to establish a huge superiority on the battlefield!

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