RSL Qld – Update on the DVA SEQ Veteran Wellbeing Centre Submission

RSL Queensland and Legacy Brisbane wanted to connect with you all regarding an update on the recent DVA South East Queensland Veteran Wellbeing Centre submission.

As discussed with you at the last ESO Forum, RSL Queensland, Mates4Mates and Legacy Brisbane made a joint submission under a consortium model to be the lead agency providing the DVA South East Queensland Veteran Wellbeing Centre. Our submission also highlighted additional partnerships and support from a significant number of ESOs in our network.

We were recently advised that our submission was not successful and last week it was announced that the Federal Government, upon completing their consultation and application process, have awarded the $5 million investment flagged for the South East Queensland network to the Moreton Bay region with the organisation, “Lives Lived Well”.

Upon the announcement we have engaged with “Lives Lived Well” to understand the proposed veteran service model. This discussion has caused RSL Queensland and Legacy Brisbane to re-engage with DVA for clarification and additional information on the selection process. While we await this feedback, we have used this conversation to invite DVA to utilise the ESO Forum to provide an overview of the support model “Lives Lived Well” have developed and facilitate discussion on how the sector may contribute to the initiative. Further to this opportunity, it is our intent to engage with “Lives Lived Well” to determine how best we may be able to directly support veterans utilising their facility in the future.

For initial information on the award to “Lives Lived Well” please see the formal announcement here

Whilst RSL Queensland and Legacy Brisbane will continue to engage with DVA regarding feedback on the submission, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for your contributions and support through this process. We also wanted to highlight our next steps to advancing a connected ESO and community organisation framework for veteran care in our region.

Development of the RSL Queensland/Mates4Mates centre at Stafford Rd is on track and our intent remains for this facility to be a physical representation of a connected service network, providing vetted, practical, health and wellbeing services to veterans and their families. Construction officially commenced in March with stage one of the facility due to open in late 2022, initially with RSL Queensland and Mates services.

Furthermore, Legacy Brisbane continue to plan their move to Greenslopes and develop the new Legacy House. It is planned for construction to commence by December 2022. As a result of the DVA announcement, Legacy Brisbane has commenced a capital raising campaign to raise funding for the new house. Importantly, the new Legacy House will have collaborative partners, including RSL Queensland and Mates4Mates, inside the facility and is co-located with (GMRF) and the Keith Payne Mental Health Unit located in the Greenslopes Hospital precinct.

RSL Queensland and Legacy Brisbane recognises the veteran sector is complex and is characterised by many bespoke organisations providing services and support to a significant range of health and wellbeing needs experienced by veterans and their dependents. Harnessing the benefit of these organisations and providing a framework that connects veterans to these services in a safe manner across a geographically dispersed region in SEQ will take time; as will building the framework that evaluates and reports the impact of such a network. As such, RSL Queensland and Legacy Brisbane will continue collaborating along with GMRF to develop the framework and over the course of 2022 will engage with ESOs and the community sector to develop the referral mechanisms to enable an enhanced support network.

Thank you all once again for your support of our submission, we remain committed to continuously evolving the model of care for veterans and their families and we look forward to connecting with you at the upcoming ESO Forum on June 1.

Kind Regards,

Katie Maloney
General Manager – Partnerships and Engagement
RSL Queensland

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