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  • Paul Martino, T.P.I. conscript Vietnam Veteran October 6, 2021   Reply →

    102 Years ago, then Prime Minister Billy Hughes in one of his many solemn promises about returning war Veterans stated, quote; “when you (the War Veteran) come back we will look after you” unquote. A promise which he and every government up to and including those in power in 2021have failed to keep. The treatment, especially repatriation payments (now called compensation by our over the top PC government) afforded to Veterans of all wars is absolutely bloody disgraceful. Us T.P.I. Veterans live on a subsidence payment, half the basic wage paid to those who never served enjoy the hard earned freedom that ONLY exists because of those who offered and those who gave their all in defence of such freedom. T.P.I. Veterans have not had a realistic pay rise in that 102 years.

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