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Hi Veteran Members,

Thank you to the 400+ people we had take part in our quality survey. The results were amazing and the feedback given was invaluable. Some of the highlights are that people are enjoying the service that Ray and the Team are doing, with 9 out of every 10 members saying they would recommend Veteranweb to a friend. We still have lots to improve on and your comments will not go unheard.

We have also taken your feedback on the number of ads on the site and will offer an ad-free version of Veteranweb. Anyone that has donated over $20 in the last 6 months or from today forward will be added to the early access to this feature.

Here is the results breakdown

How satisfied are you with our Veteranweb website?

96% of subscribers are satisfied with Veteranweb

News you want to see more of

News you want to less of

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this Veteranweb to another veteran?

Anything else we can do better?

There are some great comments here! have a read and comment below if you have anything you want to add

No. Anything else we can do better?
1 Keep up the good work mate!
2 No not really, I have a data base of about 200 veterans that I am in touch with and I have forwarded on your details in hope they will join
3 You could cut out your obvious political leanings to the extreme right wing factions against  climate change and the voice ect by promoting politics all you are doing is deviding the community you are supposedly supporting.I haven’t included left wing crap because you can’t be accused of bias in that field.
4 I think you are doing well ,keep it up. cheers Tom
5 I don’t think so.
6 Not at this time.
7 This web could cover the protocols of terminal cancer diagnosis and DVA responses where treatments are ongoing and remission is not attainable.
8 Keep it up
9 I think you are doing a great job and I look forward to it everyday having served with a few battalions as a medic i follow deaths very closely
keep up the great work charles sparrow
10 I do looks forward to seeing news about issues that affect veterans
11 Nothing comes to mind,  good job, keep it up
12 Perfect as is
13 N/A
14 Keep up the good work…I have large tracts of brain ‘holes’ so this is how I keep up to date.
15 enjoy reading this every day.  thanks for your efforts
16 We all can do better but thank you Veteranweb hits the spot
17 Enable one-off donations.
18 A good site, any info it can add would be welcome.
19 .
20 NO all good.
21 No
22 This is a great platform and those driving it are doing a great job.  Sincere thanks.
23 Excellent
24 No – a fantastic service that is greatly appreciated
25 At this point in time the site is a credit to the team, future planning may require to “shanghai” extra people to take some of the workload.
The site is a valuable resource for all veterans, I hope I am around for a long time to benefit from the hard work that is being done on our behalf.
26 Mate, you are doing a fantastic job donating your time to inform us what is going on. I look forward every day (unless you are on holidays) for Veterans Web and I check the funeral notices to see if I know any of my fellow Vets have fallen off the perch.
27 You are doing a fantastic job.
28 You are doing a great job/ service, I LOOK FORWARD TO READING YOUR NEWS EVERY DAY, THANK YOU.
29 Enlarge font for older sight impaired viewer’s
30 No
31 Just keep on doing what you are doing.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  Keep up the good work.
32 Be more politically neutral
33 You are doing fantastic job, keeping me up to date and posting interesting articles. Your coverage of all conflicts and all age groups is outstanding and well balanced. I am currently reading No Front Line…..what an eye opener…..I’m glad I wasn’t there! Your Just how Woke can you Go? Nailed it…..very apt.
Many thanks for the Death notices a bit scary but necessary.
Take care
Andy Ochiltree
34 Not that I can think of  ~   but do keep up the good work.


35 No
36 No, nothing.
37 Keep away from  too much political content
38 less politics
39 Excellent source of information for those of us that cannot socialize or are cut off from our serving past.  Keeping us in contact with the veteran community and happenings.
40 I enjoy reading everything to do with veterans
41 Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to express it, but when authors seek to influence others to adopt their views (rather than the reporting of facts), the publication has to take responsibility and ensure balance, ie. the views of both for and against must be presented.  If the publication is to align itself with one side only, this bias must be stated openly so that readers are not mislead.
43 Keep up the great work..
44 Very reasonable at present
45 Pressure to be maintained on the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and veteran affairs minister. To make sure the look after the Current Soldiers.
46 Thank you for this service…it keeps me in touch with what is happening to our Veterans
47 Not really. I don’t know why I wasn’t on this website years ago. Also with the donation I prefer to give the amount in full one time for the year if that’s OK.
48 I think veteran web is an excellent platform.  I look forward to receiving it and have recommended it numerous times
to younger veterans that I have met in the past.
49 Nothing really, doing quite well as is.
50 Happy as is,  thanks
51 You’re doing well, keep going!
52 How can you improve on something that is of excellent quality?
53 You are doing a fantastic job
54 Notify deaths of RAAF personnel.
55 Promote anti-socialism, being apolitical is not an option when studying the past four decades.
56 not that i can tjhink of at this time
57 Undecided…
58 No, the site provides a great service in the fight against the LOONEY LEFT, last bastion of common sense except for
SKY NEWS!!  Without being overly political the country is going to the dogs lead by the band of Canberra trough dwellers
and bureaucrats, also self serving, dishonest politicians on both sides of the mirky political swamp.

The only thing I can say about Canberra is that it is a long drive from real AUSTRALIA.

59 I certainly very much appreciate the work and effort to do this supporting veterans with issues that affect us and topics that we are interested in. I look forward to its arrival each day.
60 The negative effects of the Covid “vaccines” should have been reported on. 1. The needles did not prevent Covid.
2. In almost every country the death rate rose sharply after “vaccinations “and fell sharply when
” vaccinations “waned.
3. The merits of Ivermectin should have been canvassed.
4. A nurse of 60 years’ service saw first-hand the deaths and serious side effects of the ‘vaccinations”.
61 I would like to print some of your articles which are relevant to current issues – comments by Jacina Nampijina Price re problems in Alice Springs and the recent introduction of thinks like smoking ceremonies come to mind – but I cannot do that – is that because of IT incompetence?
I am interested in the plight of homeless veterans and the problems relating to doing something positive for these men and women.
Michael Naughton.
62 Please just keep up the informative content.
63 I highly recommend your site to Other Nashos .
64 Views expressed on non veteran related matters such as indigenous rights etc are too aligned to right wing politics and in my opinion have no relevance to this forum.
65 I think that you are doing a very good job and I look forward to seeing it at my in box.
66 It’s looking good from my angle
67 Maybe list places to stay that veterans run.
69 No, keep doing what you do best.
70 Looks pretty good to me.
71 Keep up the good work
72 No
73 yes ! keep the mag to one a week that way it incorporates all items on the table unless there is an urgent signal top be sent

Content is good but sometimes overwhelming

74 Organise get togethers at Vic barracks sydney.RAR,s
75 I have only been with you for a week. In a few months time I will comment. But most impressed so far. Keep up the good work.
Gary B
76 Keep up the good work.
77 Nope!
78 No. I am very pleased with the site.  Ray does a very good job.
79 No – happy with the service.
80 No I believe that you are doing a good thing
81 Doing just fine. Appreciate the effort and work. Thankyou.
82 Great Job. Than you
83 What you have achieved is great but you will never please all thank you. Peter spindler.
84 All good
85 For me all is well. Doing a great job with all info provided to keep me up to date
86 The ability for me to divide the document into its individual parts so I can keep/store/save the info in relevant folders. That is the way it used to be but I know this newer format is easier for Ray and colleagues to manage and produce.
87 I enjoy reading the articles in your new format & cannot see any reason to change.
88 Les advertising
89 Thanks
90 Just be transparent for all us servicemen.
91 No
92 I have noticed all the Notices of Passing of Service and Ex-Service Members appear to be all Army. Do you receive info on the passing of RAAF and Navy personnel?
93 1. When advising of a veteran’s death, and where available, can the deceased’s Unit and Sub-unit be given more prominence? (i.e. it would be nice to be able to identify whether a deceased was from one’s immediate unit.) Also, can  veterans of different wars/eras be separated from others? e.g. by way of a separate heading such as Vale Vietnam Veteran; Vale Afghanistan Veteran; Vale Soldier; etc.

2. Often when funeral details are given, a street and suburb/town are mentioned, but no State. This would be handy to know, particularly if one happens to be traveling in the area.

3. In the meantime, please keep up the good work in what must be a truly herculean and monumental task. Your efforts are appreciated.

94 no  you cover the whole gambit very well.
95 some times there are individual items that I want to copy and email to my mates. Making it easy to extract an individual item would be more than helpful
96 At the moment there is nothing, As I am very Satisfied with it as it is.
97 Keep up the communication it is appreciated. I pass veteranweb on to our Vetnam vets in my area
98 Thank you I enjoy reading all the information
99 Looks ok
100 Not that I can think of,
You are doing a great job, and I send out to our members and friends
101 As an 80 year old Vietnam Vet I like what you are doing.
102 No, seems all okay with me
103 it is good to see someone putting some news of veterans out there, more on what affects veterans please
104 My Mother-in-law,  Berenice, Widow of Fred, looks forward to your emails, almost daily.

Keep up the good work.

105 Less ads would be good. I’m happy to donate 2 or 3  times a year to help make up for less advertising.
106 Might be better to place Obituaries all together in one message, if possible, separately from General News items…
107 You are on top of everything that I want to see . Thank you and keep up the good work. (Ray you are a legend,stay the course mate.)
108 Not happy with adds , on fence about continuing reading  these emails
109 keep up the good work and telling the other side of the discussion. mainstream media is crushing any contrary views to their own woke mantra. we need to hear from the silent majority who are too afraid to speak out as we no longer have free speech
110 I think you are doing well
111 No, I think you have got about right
112 Keep up the good work
113 Not really. Very happy with your stirling and comprehensive work. These days it’s mostly death notices I follow. Nick Howlett
114 I am a 1955 Nasho served in CMF untill 1969. can I call myself a Veteran?
115 The views I have toward some political issues may not match editorially. Would prefer the facts rather than opinion.
116 Maybe where possible when a veteran passes a more in-depth report on his- her length of service and units.
117 NO WAY, as far as I’m concerned. Very ,Very well done Ray >
118 just be honest and streight forward.with us
119 I think you are doing a great job now. Love some of the amusing pieces
120 nothing comes to mind
121 Please keep up the good work.
122 This is an excellent forum I am sorry I did not learn about it sooner. Within our Parliamentary system it is possible for members/senators from all parties to form a Friends of group. I suggest that approaches could be made to a select group of Federal Politicians to form a Friends of members of the ADF past and present. Should such a group be formed they could report on a quarterly basis.
123 not really, the information that has been received over the past 12 months or so has improved and is pretty much on point.
124 Doing a great job.
I read it every day
125 I sometimes want to forward info on the Veteranweb website to friends outside of Veteranweb. However there does not seem to be a way I can cut and paste the info [is it protected] on to outlook, without actually doing it using the website heading. When Ray sent out info prior to Veteranweb, it was easy to forward via bcc. Is there a way that info can be forwarded to others. Please advise. Thank you. Tony.
126 You are fabulous.  There is no other site like yours. Keep it coming. I appreciate the hours you input to this special project.
Maxwell Hayes   (I have two email addresses. Please delete one)
127 No!
128 I’m happy with the way the Vetranweb is run right now.
It includes interesting posts on Military issues and History and Current developments.
At Age 77, I’m not up for things like ‘Mates” or whatever but anything to do with benefits for us olds sods (Viet Vet) is of interest to me of course.
Thank You for the work you do.
129 No need for daily deceased notifications. Once a week summary enough.
130 Just keep up the excellent work that you do, it is sincerely appreciated.
132 No
133 I’m happy with what you are doing.
Your doing a great job. Thanks
134 Doing a great job
135 Enjoy getting this every day.   Thank you for a wonderful effort in keeping veterans informed.
136 No all great with me I like this very much.
137 Nothing I can think of but if you were able to get information on pulmonary fibrosis (PF), I for one would appreciate it. I know that many Vietnam veterans have it also. A big ask I know but one can only ask.
138 keep them commig, you are doing a great job. thank you
139 Just enjoy reading the topics shown of interest to me
140 not at this stage
141 I think you do a great job now
142 Push back against the the WOKE IDEOLOGIES which has spread across our ADF.

Get the ADF to focus on the best man for the job. The quotas mantras have weakened the ADF and impeded male recruitment

143 NO
144 Just keep us informed
145 Can we do anything to stop specialists charging Defence Health members ‘out of pocket expenses / GAP?  Have paid top cover for 48 years with Army/ Defence Health and get billed $5000 which is 20 weeks of my DVA 100% Disability Pension!
146 Nothing that comes to mind
147 No.
148 Keep on keeping on.  Your service is amazing
149 No, keep up the good work
150 doing a good job.
151 The improvements made over the last year have been excellent. I can’t recommend any other improvements. The balance seems right already. Thanks for all your work.
152 You are already doing a great job!
153 This is a great site.  Keep up the great work.  I am willing to pay a subscription or donate.  Let me know.


154 It is hard to beat a great setup covering the range of topics covered. Possibly less of the overseas political happenings and more of veteran centred activities.
155 None that come to mind! You do a fantastic Service for our past and present  Service Personnel and family connections!
156 No

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  • Bill Laidlaw February 13, 2023  

    Shame only 400 something responded to your survey when there are 15000 followers.

    Bill Laidlaw

  • Dallas Burrage February 13, 2023  

    Sorry fella’s, I missed the survey. I think you do a great job, thank you for all your time and effort,
    Regards, Dallas Burrage
    3rd Cavalry regiment.

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