I know the chap who for many years owned the Wycliffe Wells Roadhouse we were in the Navy and we did business together for many years while he had the roadhouse (built originally as a stopover camp for the American army conveys taking equipment to arm Darwin in the WWII.

They dug the well for crops to be grown for the troops coming through, (hence the swimming pool, still in use there)

The owner was desperate for traffic to stop and spend some money at his roadhouse. Being the entrepreneur that he was he hit onto purchasing the space ship and space-related items for sale after the World Exposition held in Brisbane, in 1988 and proceeded to get as much publicity as he could via media etc. no mean feat pre-internet, however, then comes the arrival of the back-packer era he was home free, organising the coaches to stop over, and there was the attraction of the nearby “Devils Marbles” which of course attracted UFOs … “Oh! no UFOs tonight! you should have been here last night”.

But hey, when you are in the middle of Australia and the night sky is so special for people from overseas. what the heck.

The UFOs were the first of many activities he produced at the Wells and they were all to enhance the business which they certainly did, good for him, a true raconteur.

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