Rally ’round the banner of your country, take the field with brothers o’er the foam….

Every so often when he tires of such mundane matters as the increasing man-eating crocodile threat, far-north Queensland’s political pundit Bob Katter turns his mind to defence.

As turns go, it’s not very consequential mind you, more of an intellectual wobble in his determination to remind all Australians of his and his family’s crucial role in the nation’s military history.

Never mind Bob’s recollection of events compared with the official records of his service part company on several crucial points, it takes little encouragement to coax him to speak of his exploits.

He is after all the 49th Bn – his and his father’s regiment – official historian, a claim which was news to the battalion elders when they first heard it.

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Intelligence must prevail on patrol boats | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (targetsdown.blogspot.com)

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