RAAF squadrons in Vietnam [No 35 Squadron and No 9 Squadron RAAF]

RAAF Caribou transport aircraft of No. 35 Squadron in the hangar being serviced by ground crew. Caribou on tarmac loaded with supplies. U.S. air traffic controller in the control tower. Air-to-air shot of Caribou in flight. Close up of Caribou’s nose. Cockpit interiors of Caribou in flight. Caribou lands and unloads supplies.

Jeep arrives at RAAF Contingent HQ Vung Tau. Ground crew servicing Iroquois helicopter of No. 9 Squadron RAAF. Iroquois gunship takes off. Aerial shots from Iroquois gunship as it fires Mini-gun. Gunship door gunner firing an M-60 machine gun. Firing rockets. Iroquois takes off. Aerial scene of an Iroquois in flight. Scene of the cockpit while the helicopter is in flight. Iroquois lands and drops off Australian infantry. Aerial of Iroquois. Iroquois lands.

Casualty evacuation by Iroquois helicopter (Dust off). Helicopter hovers and lowers the stretcher. Casualty lying on the ground. Soldiers places casualty in stretcher. A stretcher is winched up to helicopter. Interior of helicopter. Scenes from helicopter while in flight. Helicopter lands, casualty is removed and carried to operation theatre. RAAF ambulance bus. Nurse. Moving causalities to ambulance bus. Interior of bus.


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  • Don McLean (A315068, LAC) July 26, 2022   Reply →

    Hello Ray,

    9 and 35 Squadrons had a very impressive record in Vietnam. I remember a picture in RAAF News that I saw soon after my discharge. It was probably circa 1967. It showed a Caribou that had landed somewhere and had damaged a wing. The damage was so bad that the wing had to be replaced. This was done under hostile fire. The replacement wing had been flown in by helicopter; the RAAF fitters changed it and the aircraft was flown out.
    The picture showed the Caribou with RAAF rondel on one wing and the USAF symbol on the other.

    I don’t have the actual dates but someone will remember.

    Don McLean (A315068)

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