Queensland RSL Members

From: Victor Jackson
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 at 19:39
Subject: Our “Objects” must not be tampered with


Dear Members

Following on from a previous email, a Sub-Branch asked me if I had a copy of the original “Objects” set by our founding fathers of our RSL. Well, I was able to locate an original text of what was adopted and documented in 1916

It was on the 3rd of June 1916 that a federal RSL organization was formed in Melbourne under the name “Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League of Australia” with all states participating (ACT and NT did not then exist).

The following are the first three of seven clauses of the “Objects” adopted at that historic meeting:

   (a)    To perpetuate the close and kindly ties of friendship created by a
mutual service in the Great War and the recollections associated with
that experience, to maintain a proper standard of dignity and honour
among all sailors and soldiers and to set an example of public spirit
and noble-hearted endeavour.

(b)    To preserve the memory and records of those who suffered and died
for the Nation – to erect monuments to their valour – to provide them
with suitable burial places and establish in their honour an annual
commemoration day.

(c)    To provide for the sick and wounded and needy among those who
have served and their dependants, including pensions, medical
attention, homes and suitable employment

This and the other clauses are very much of the same tenor as what is in our current constitution “Objects”. They are all “Objects that are still relevant and valued as being applicable to present national veteran standards. Why change when it ain’t broke?

In that (bad) draft 2021 Constitution, RSL Qld want to change it into a demeaning and politically weak and gutless verbiage. Compared to the original “Objects”, the changes are soul-destroying, probably just to please the planned influx of planned “citizens” into our veteran organization.

This is not what our RSL is about, this is not of camaraderie, these are not acts of mates-ship, this is not of the bond of friendship on which we were founded with the “Objects” of 1916!

RSL Qld is also neglectful by blatant or wilful missed opportunities of our public standing. One of those is lack of enthusiasm or vigour in recognising members who have held an RSL membership for more than 50 years. No wonder members are no longer valuing their RSL belonging, no wonder we are shrinking.

Another situation of great concern and note is the Queensland Veterans Council Bill that is before parliament. One would think that as it is a Veteran matter, RSL Qld would have made a submission or a representation towards that Veterans Council Bill in parliament? Does RSL Qld represent us?

But the answer is NO! Some RSL members took it on themselves to have their personal voices heard, but not RSL Qld. Is that an oversight, neglect or just sheer incompetence?

Maybe RSL Qld was too busy trying to buy Sub-Branch votes for that (bad) 2021 Constitution, the shifty Bylaws and MVP rubbish.

The evidence of what some individual members presented towards that Queensland Veterans Council Bill is attached hereto as an extract from Hansard (Government reporting service), it speaks for itself and makes interesting reading.

Don’t forget the important dates that are now left to ponder over. Please make sure your Sub-Branch attends the AGM and rejects all of that Constitution stuff.
One can most certainly look forward to a new face as our next State President:

  • 8 December –      State Congress
  • 9 December –      State Congress

Please discuss all this at your District and Sub-Branch meetings, ask lots of questions and try and get truthful answers. Please oppose that (bad) draft 2021 Constitution and By-Laws rubbish.

Yours in Camaraderie

Victor Jackson FIML
RSL Qld Member 1561431

Please circulate this email to as many members as possible.
Also, please advise if you know of other members who will want to receive my emails.


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  • en passant November 15, 2021  

    The RSL has passed its ‘use by’ date and needs to be replaced by an organisation based on the original precepts

  • Colin Rayfield November 16, 2021  

    The RSL appears to be slowly being corroded by DVA interference, even to “take-overs” as slowly branches are being eroded / sold off / becoming DVA OFFICES.
    IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE BIG END OF TOWN – MATES OF ‘SLO MO’ – not seeing PROFITS in a ‘Duty Of Care’ expenditure, as many of us experienced in the 2013 alleged ‘overpayment debt’ scam – for financial & political gain.

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