Poseidon In Ground Refueling

A RAAF P-8A Poseidon has for the first time refuelled using a new ‘in-ground’ system at RAAF Base Edinburgh rather than rely on traditional trucks.

The new process is 30 per cent quicker because it removes the need for a pause to swap in new vehicles.

Flight Sergeant Daniel Poynter said a faster refuel was essential because the Poseidon is regularly called out on short notice search and rescue missions.

“The system allows for up to three simultaneous refuels to be conducted with almost zero impact on the fuel flow rate,” he said.

“With the increased speed of refuelling and the reduced downtime waiting for tanker changeovers, the reduction in time wasted allows aircraft maintenance personnel to be more efficient.”

The new system utilises a hydrant line that is plumbed from the Edinburgh Base Fuel Farm to a hydrant point at the No. 92 Wing apron at the base.

When an aircraft now needs fuel, it is connected to a No. 24 Squadron tanker hydrant cart, which connects to the hydrant point, rather than relying on trucks.

As the in-ground refuelling hydrant points are installed along various parking positions on the No. 92 Wing main apron, they are now the primary source of refuelling for the P-8A Poseidon aircraft at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

From Australian Aviation

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