Police Sergeant Bruno’s big mistake


A Victorian policeman is under investigation for posting online that there are only two genders.

And so he should be!

Everyone knows there are actually three genders: Males (pronouns he/him), Females (pronouns she/her), and Narcissists (pronouns me!/me!/me!).

The Age newspaper reported this week that 62-year-old Sergeant Bruno Staffieri was interviewed by officers from Professional Standards Command over an online comment he made to an officer working in the Gender Equality and Inclusion Command.

Staffieri reportedly wrote:

‘So you are doing tertiary education studying genders. I’ll make it easy for you to pass … there are 2.’

Someone call triple-zero!

You have to hand it to Victoria Police; they know what constitutes inappropriate behaviour.

  • Shoot peaceful protesters with rubber bullets? No consequences.
  • Pepper spray law-abiding citizens? No consequences.
  • Harass old ladies sitting in a park during Covid lockdown? No consequences.
  • Slam people into the pavement for not wearing a mask? No consequences.

But if you dare to state a biological fact, everyone – from the Deputy Commissioner down – wets their pants.

Sergeant Staffieri should demand to know how many genders there are so that he can be more accurate in future.

Google doesn’t know, so we’ll wait for the answer.

Oh, and if you’re the victim of an actual offence, you’ll have to wait too. Police are busy attending to thought crimes.

Staffieri, who has been an officer for more than 35 years and is close to retirement, could lose his job because of the online comments.

This is not the first time Staffieri has upset police command with views that, until five minutes ago, were entirely unremarkable.

Staffieri was also investigated over his public criticism of the government’s decision to cancel Australia Day and Anzac Day celebrations last year, but allow the Gay Pride March in St Kilda to proceed.

‘So the next time Australians are sent out to fight a war, maybe we can send out the 8,000 that marched today … and try to stop the enemy by waving feathers and brightly coloured boas at them,’ Staffieri reportedly posted on May 17, 2021.

Triple-zero. What’s your emergency?’

Sergent Staffieri objected to the Mardi Gras.’

Does anyone need help?’

Yes. We are all very hurty.’

Does Sergeant Staffieri have a weapon?’

It’s his words. His words! Words are violence.’

Stay in a safe space and practice socially distancing until a squad car full of thought police arrives.’

In June last year, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson posted on Yammer, the force’s internal communication platform, that…

‘Victoria Police is proud to have been recognised as a silver employer at the 2021 Australian LGBTQ+ inclusion awards.’

Staffieri reportedly responded by posting:

‘Yes, I agree. Great achievement. But if the public knew how much time, effort, and taxpayer dollars went into this, they would also be demanding why we didn’t get a gold.’

That’s pretty funny.

Paterson didn’t think so. According to The Age, he defended the campaign and denied it had received significant public funding.

Staffieri responded:

‘Sir, I totally value and respect your opinion and your rank, I simply ask that you value and respect mine.’

Paterson fired a broadside back at Staffieri…

‘I don’t respect or value your views as they are offensive and there is no place for those views in Victoria Police… Either limit your comments on Yammer to comments that are respectful of everyone or consider your employment options.’

So in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria, it’s an honest police officer who tells the truth who is threatened with the sack for being in possession of what police hierarchy call ‘those views’

Maybe, if Sergeant Staffieri flies the Chinese flag outside his station, all will be forgiven.



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  • Bob Hudson May 19, 2022   Reply →

    I left full-time RAAF as a Squadron Leader, end of 2007 after 30 years. I know if I remained I would have been booted out for not endorsing the LBTQ (or whatever they call themselves) movement – same if I was told I had to march in the gay mardigras. God made us male and female. People can feel like they are something else but their genetics don’t lie – they are either male of female. Simple question for those who think otherwise. Are you the result of a male sperm fertilizing a female egg or are you the result of some other process? So everyone comes from the product of a male and a female. Fullstop. What a person feels like and what they are may be two different things but facts are facts. They are allowed to air their views and force it on us – in the name of including everyone. Why can’t I have my view? I don’t force it down their throat, but if I was still in the RAAF, I would have to accept theirs without question. Same as Sgt Staffieri. Work alongside others – yes. Agree with them – no.

  • Kenneth Taylor May 20, 2022   Reply →

    I don’t give a donkey’s tit what these lunatics think about the human race. As fare as I am concerned there is only two Genders which God made. Male and Female. Yes there are defective genetics which place a poor soul into the middle ground. But just because some poor unstable soul feels they are not getting their fare share of attention, so they slap on mums make up and panty hose, then parade around like some reject from the swamp doesn’t cut it with me. There is to-date no way to change the genetics of a human regardless of what the Looney Left say or the Dementated wobbler’s think. Man made doodles will never replace Genetically made ones in performance or quality.

  • Bob Dean May 20, 2022   Reply →

    Why is then that when Archaeologists find human remains they’re either male or female and not any of the 700 other genders?
    Just asking.

  • Greg B. May 21, 2022   Reply →

    My response is that how do thos eon non binary persuasion believe procreation takes place? There is only one way as stated above. Male sperm, pl;us female egg. There is absolutely no way round it. REGARDLESS.

  • stevow May 22, 2022   Reply →

    Sgt Staffieri shouldn’t have those stripes – he should be Commissioner.

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