Point & Shoot – Veteran Photography Expo

Showcasing career imagery and accompanying stories from Australian veterans, this exhibition provides a rare glimpse into the life and experiences of fellow Australians who have served their country.

Now in its third year, Point & Shoot Veterans Photographic Exhibition is coming to the national stage in 2022.

Covering military service from post World War II onwards, Point & Shoot commemorates a range of modern conflicts, peace operations and service.  The exhibit will feature 60 veteran images taken within Australia or overseas operations, with all images cleared by Defence media and approved for public display.

Chosen images will be displayed in a live exhibit based in Canberra, ACT and displayed in our online gallery for public viewing and People’s Choice voting.

The exhibit is open to all Australian veterans, current and former Defence personnel serving across all three services in either a regular or reserve capacity.

The purpose of the Point & Shoot exhibition is not to display perfectly captured photos from professional photographers. But rather, to share some of those moments frozen in time that those who serve our nation thought were worth remembering.

Point and Shoot brings a voice to the unique stories of all serving personnel, honouring their collective service and promoting an appreciation and understanding of the experiences of the roles that those who served have played in shaping the nation.

We invite all Australian veterans to submit an image. Everyone has a story and we encourage you to share yours.

When: 3 – 6 Nov 2022
Where: Canberra, ACT & Online
Applications: Now open

Who Can Enter?
Point & Shoot is open to all Australian veterans. An Australian veteran is defined as a person who has served in the Australian Defence Force for at least one day in either a regular or reserve capacity.
This event also encourages the commemoration of veterans no longer here. We invite families to share the experiences of their loved ones unable to tell and share their own stories.

Is there a Cost to Submit an Image?
No, this event is provided free of charge for both veterans to display their work and the public to view.

What Images Can Be Of
Any ordinary or extraordinary moment from your military service, both in Australia and abroad.

What We Cannot Accept
No identifying callsigns or images of serving members with protected identities.

There are no specific categories for Point & Shoot. All images will be shortlisted based on their individual merits including accompanying stories.

People’s Choice
The winner of the People’s Choice will be the image with the highest number of votes, chosen by the public. Voting will be via the online gallery and electronic voting at the live exhibition.

Image Editing
You can adjust ‘photographic’ variables such as exposure, contrast, colour, noise and sharpness. Lens and perspective corrections, cropping and black-and-white conversions are also accepted.
Cloning to remove distractions or add new elements to your image is not allowed.
Point Assist reserve the right to disqualify an image if they feel it lacks authenticity due to over-manipulation.

Image Requirements
Your image should be saved as a JPEG. The overall file size must be less than 5MB.
Please avoid using non-standard characters in the image filename (for example [, ], @, “, ‘, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), ©). These characters may result in the image not uploading properly.
No watermarks, branding or text should be added to your images.

Submitting your Image
A Point & Shoot Submission Form (available for download below) should be completed in full. Any incomplete submissions will be ineligible for consideration.
A maximum of THREE images may be submitted for consideration noting the information in the attached Terms and Conditions document.
All images including other Defence personnel must be accompanied with each person’s individual consent for the image to be displayed along with the image submission to be eligible for consideration.
Completed submission forms and accompanying image(s) as per the specified Image Requirements should be emailed to [email protected]
If you are having trouble completing the submission form or uploading your images, please email us and we can help.

Image Display
All exhibit images will be professionally printed and matted for inclusion in the exhibit. Post exhibit all images will be returned to the image owners unless gifted by the artist to the Point & Shoot gallery collection.

Closing Date
Submissions close Sunday 4 September 2022 (11:59pm, AEST).

Want to be a part of this unique exhibit? Apply below or contact us to find out more about this event.


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