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Norman Rees (RYDAL) 2790.  23.10.2021

It’s a sad day for me but I am posting this hoping someone in my local area may see or hear something.

I had a break-in or a walk-in you might say as I live in a country area as we all trust each other and the back door wasn’t locked.

It’s like all the mongrel robberies you hear about young people after money and valuables.

They took my service medals engraved NJH Rees R95773 which can’t be replaced. My Clearance Divers course medallion engraved name and course number.

A medallion which is very special from my recruit training in 1966 at HMAS Leeuwin with my name engraved. Made from an old Canon and only a certain number made.

My mother’s service medal from WW2 Land Army engraved P. Griffiths. Lots of other Military memorabilia that I won’t describe here.

I just want to say to the young people as I’m sure they were, these things are irreplaceable to me and were to be left to my kids and grandkids.

If anyone in the local Lithgow area hears anything let me know 0424 551 828 it’s in the hands of Lithgow Police.

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Normie Rees
0424 55128


Ps: Rydal is a small rural village in New South Wales, Australia. Rydal is located about 154 kilometres west of the state capital, Sydney and 22 kilometres west from the city of Lithgow about 6 km off the Great Western Highway.


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  • Bob Pearman October 31, 2021   Reply →

    Gday Norm, I have read your report,and have been unlucky enough to have had the same

    thing happen to me.

    I did not lose medals but a lot of stuff out of my shed. None of this stuff has been returned.

    I will keep your name and your Mums name in my memory box.

    I certainly hope they realise they cant get money for them and return them to the police.

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