News story on Channel News tonight

“An Aussie RAAF pilot after serving 12 years, including in Afghanistan then whilst serving in the USA representing Australia, he met and married a gorgeous pommy woman, on doing so she made application to become an Aussie citizen after a length of time on a special Visa in the UK, then he got posted to the USA for 12months during which time (after having a child) the time on the special Visa ran out her application for citizenship ran out and hadn’t spent any time here, because of this they are not allowed back home, as result, he quit RAAF and joined RAF.

Does this mean if any of our troops are posted O/S, they would not be allowed back in the country!

Where is the support for this guy!!!!!!! SCOMO!

Ted Eastman


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  • David MacLean November 29, 2021  

    This is a ridiculous situation which must not be allowed to continue.
    How much has this man’s training cost Australia?
    Bureaucracy throws all this money away and loses a highly trained and highly skilled aviator to the RAF (free of charge) because immigration can’t get all its shit into one sock and allow his wife and child to enter and remain in Australia.
    The man was temporarily stationed in the US, not China or North Korea.
    Does DOD not speak to DFAT?
    Surely someone can bang some heads together in Canberra and sort this sorry lot out.
    Don’t ask the PM, he did not sign the draft chit.

  • Robin November 29, 2021  

    He needs to lodge an application for a spousal visa, pay the fee and wait for it to be approved. It’s unlikely to be rejected.

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