Photo Evidence of Painting & Exposure to Asbestos on the Ships & Small Craft.

G’day all,

A number of your shipmates and their Widows need your assistance, please.

Exposure to asbestos and certain chemicals including some paints is proving responsible for causing fatal diseases in a number of us who served on the ships.

An increasing number of your shipmates have been/are involved in processing claims for compensation relating to exposure to these diseases.  This includes a Widow of a shipmate who has had her claim rejected by DVA.

To assist in the processing of these claims and appeals, we seek your assistance, please.

Could you provide any/all:

  1. Photos of crew members painting on the ships.  We need this evidence.
  2. Photos of the paint locker would be of great assistance.
  3. Photos of asbestos insulation, gland packing, gaskets, dust etc
  4. Evidence of the use of ‘Red Lead’/’Yellow Chromate’ primers, White Lead, Polyurathane etc will be appreciated.
  5. Any comments/evidence you may have will be treated confidentially and will not be used without your consent.

We need your assistance now to assist your shipmates and a Widow.

Please forward to me as shown below:

Best wishes

Kind Regards

Peter (Blue) Atkinson

3 Maureen Court

Heatherton Vic 3202


[email protected]


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