Petition a chance to have your say.

 Please read.  If you agree with the contents of the ‘link’ below please sign the petition and forward this e-mail to your mates.

Just recently the Albanese government removed the Veterans Affairs portfolio from the front bench and Cabinet.

There is a petition at the link below where you can sign to get this decision looked at with the possibility of it being overturned.

How many times do you see politicians claiming that they have great respect for veterans of this nation, yet go and remove the Minister from Cabinet.

There is a request for donations when signing the petition but just ignore that.

Take care.


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  • David Stacy June 10, 2022  

    Once again the politicians treat veterans with contempt

  • Graham Woodward June 10, 2022  

    I didnt vote for you any way. You are not the Labour Party of the people and Veterans.

  • Ken.T. June 10, 2022  

    Used, abused and refused. Any thing else they can do???

  • Robert Bailey June 10, 2022  

    Politicians send young men to do their bidding into the face of danger and then try to ignore them when they come home wounded or sick.
    Enough is enough. Start looking after those who you send away.

  • david murphy July 14, 2022  

    you can always tell a polly’s lying,…his lips move,….aint it the truth tho………….spud

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