OUTAGE – Beyond our control


You would have noticed that over the past eight days, no email posts were delivered, unfortunately, it was three days before I realised as it turned out the problem was with the mail distribution company (Zoho) that delivers my bulk mail had a complete outage. This meant that my posts were not delivered to your inbox, post were available to the website as I post directly to the site.

Zoho fixed the problem, slower than I expected, and the mail went out yesterday afternoon. As usual, when something like this happens a lesson is learnt we will now know immediately if there is an outage on their end.

Been a busy morning … up at 2:30am to enjoy a beautiful morning in a Hotair Balloon. Could not have had better weather conditions as we travelled from Canungra out over Scenic Rim – outstanding. We finished with an enjoyable breakfast at O’Rielly’s Vineyard.



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