“Our Kinder, Gentler Military:

By Alistair Pope

Some years ago I wrote an article called: “Our Kinder, Gentler Military:

How Social Engineering Lost the Last War for Australia”. It remains unpublished. However, it contained the following:

‘I quote from a former Brigadier who told me the Defence role now goes something like this: … the ADF mission extends to aspects of national security and encompasses humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR)’

‘Let’s play a game called ‘The Warrior Ethos’.
It is not played on a computer, but in real life, so the blood, guts, smashed bodies and the deaths of some of the participants are real. Your task is to identify those scenarios you would like your tax dollars to pay for in the defence of Australia.

Scenario 1
Lt. Charles Pope was placed in command of a picquet post with orders to hold it ‘at all costs’. The post was attacked and several of his platoon were killed. Pope asked headquarters for a resupply of ammunition, but the resupply party could not get through. Pope and his men signed a pledge that they would hold the post alive or would remain in it dead. When their ammunition ran out Pope ordered his men to charge a large enemy force. They did so and were all killed. The body of Pope and his men were found among eighty enemy dead. Pope was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross. Should we value his actions as those of another Spartan Leonidas or despise him for his courage and the deliberate sacrifice of his men when they could have surrendered?’

‘Scenario 2
The transition to the New Army of gender-neutrality, diversity and equality is complete. Our latest deployment is to defeat a new brutal enemy, a foe so ruthless that ISIS murderers fear them. They take no prisoners, mutilate the wounded and dead and respect no laws of ‘civilised’ warfare.
In an observation post, several kilometres forward of the Australian base a section of six soldiers is ordered to keep an eye on an enemy outpost. Since the removal of rank inequalities, everyone is equal and nobody is in charge. As a result of a minor dispute about whose turn it is, nobody is on sentry duty watching the ‘enemy’ (trigger-warning: ‘non-friends’ is the preferred term).
Suddenly a hundred of the non-friends appear on the hill above the post shrieking ‘Death to the Kuffirs!’ and firing real bullets in their direction. The post calls for help, but the base replies that nobody is willing to leave the camp to come to their aid, but a committee has been formed to workshop the situation. The observation post is on their own in their trench, faces to the enemy. Only one soldier loads his weapon.
Suddenly, Mustafa leaps from their foxhole waving his arms throws down his empty weapon and shouts “Alluha Akbar!” Felicity bursts into tears and hugs gender neutral Jane-James (who is mumbling something about the certificate he-she has in ‘Combat Negotiation Skills when in Contact with Non-Friends’. This starts a tiff with Alice (who admits to being female when it suits her) as she points out her qualifications and training in ‘Appeasement Strategies’, ‘Pre-emptive Surrender Tactics’ and ‘Non-Violent Self-Defence’ are better recognized than Jane’s (or James). However, when the dead body of Mustafa plops back into the trench Alice breaks down and starts wailing about being raped and beheaded. Apparently Mustafa belonged to the wrong religious sect.
Justin, the outer suburban bogan killed 20 non-friends before they were overwhelmed. He was wounded, but survived as four of the others piled on top of him as they were shot, stabbed, macheted, bayoneted and beheaded. When it was safe to do (according the OH&S officer and the embedded unit lawyer) troops from the base came to the outpost and found Justin alive. Five of the soldiers were awarded Medals of Gallantry for their heroism in not using violence, but Justin was successfully prosecuted for murdering twenty non-friends without permission, not trying to negotiate and firing his weapon ‘without respecting the rights’ of people. Damning testimony was provided by several non-friends now resident in Australia as long-term clients of CentreLink. Justin is currently serving 40-years in Goulburn Supermax where he has converted to Islam as they are now his only companions.
One of the above scenarios is fictional, but which one is a puzzle for you to solve. Give it just a little more time as I note the ADF is considering evidence of 55 instances of potential ‘war crimes’ our combat troops may have committed in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been eager witnesses. I doubt that any non-combat desk warriors are threatened by this inane (or is it ‘insane’) travesty.
It has become a curiously difficult question to answer these days about whether or not senior officers are expected to protect or prosecute the soldiers afflicted by being under their command. After all, everyone awarded a bravery medal has risked their life, which clearly means they have must have contravened just about every OH&S, snowflake safe space rule there is. Surely it is obvious that every Military Cross winner (including more than one Australian Governor-General) should be prosecuted for breaching safety regulations?’

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  • Ken.T. November 16, 2021   Reply →

    I am at a loss as to which way the Upper Mob are taking our Military. How can you have a C.O, sitting in an airconditioned office some 200 klm’s away from the base, and they claim to be in full control, until the Sh*t hits the fan? I am a Vietnam Vet, and our Boss was sitting in a tent 20 mts from our own tent. That is Leadership.

  • John F Genovese November 16, 2021   Reply →

    Really? What a load of irreverent, disrespectful and irrelevant drivel. It is evident the writer has a particular bias and uses that to sew misinformation at best and lies at worst, about the infantry in particular (given it is that core who is most affected), and the defence force and it’s command in generally. Do not disrespect our forces by writing lies about them in the past, present or future. If wrongs have been done, do not prejudge nor condemn, allow our legal system to work, then perhaps comment.

    John (Gino) Genovese a war veteran!

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