My open letter to all Australians, especially political parties and their members, and all media
owners, their staff and public commentators

As an elder in my eighties, I write in despair as I witnessed my nation in the past four decades
crumble and fracture socially, and industrially from a vibrant visionary modern nation that was self-
sustainable, independent, and visionary to a racially divided and socially engineered people, with
two decades of very poor governance, racial and social unrest, and without vision, or hope.

Those over fifty years of age have also witnessed this erosion of the nation’s ethos and vibrancy that
we embraced and fostered post-Whitlam (1972).

It is my opinion that this tragic position we are experiencing is due to the influences of global
socialism initiated in Europe by the World Economic Forum, assisted, and fostered by the
bureaucrats with the European Union and United Nations and splinter socialist extremists through
the internet these past forty years.

My greatest concerns are the possibility that these global influences are embraced by all political
parties in Australia in some form or another that will in twenty or thirty years change the
Commonwealth of Australia to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Australia with nine or more
states with the territories of the Australian Capital and Northern Territories are granted statehood as
will the Thursday Islanders.

The State of the Northern Territory will have an Aboriginal name and the homeland of the
Aboriginals as well as the Thursday Islanders’

I will not witness this and I am thankful for being possibly born into the best generation the planet
will have witnessed in its history.

The most pressing problem this nation has in 2023 is the state of governance in the Northern
Territory with the present lawlessness and disregard for justice being seen there. It is a territory that
must have its government replaced by an Administrator from the commonwealth government. If a
local government is any stated produced such poor and ineffective governance and display by the NT
administration it would have been under legislation already in place.

Concerned Australians must demand the ALP National Government implement the dismissal of the
NT government and install a Commonwealth Administrator.

Robert Buick
24 Mountain Ash Drive
Mountain Creek Qld 4557
0428 228 425

[email protected]

25 January 2023

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  • Alan Foyle January 26, 2023  

    3% of the population are dictating to the 97% as to what our country should be. Reduce the 97% regarding the bleeding heart commies who would do anything to bring down our government. A bloody disgrace, yet nothing seems to be done to rectify this attack on our liberties (access to various areas, etc). If I sat down with 1ltr of gin I could invent a language, dances and smoking ceremonies. I’m going to scream if I hear another BS “Welcome to Country” BS spiel. I see a person on the news tonight moved on by police for DISPLAYING AN AUSTRALIAN on Australia Day FFS! Bring on the revolution. Happy Australian Day ( shove Invasion Day up your ding) and God Bless the King.

  • Alan Foyle January 26, 2023  

    The “I can’t breathe” sign at todays “Invasion Day” march in Sydney. WTF has that got to do with the situation in AUS. Nothing! The 3% steal slogans and “causes” from other countries to push the barrow for their own causes. No original thought put into it whatsoever. Hard to think up original slogan while your spending your Centrelink payment at the local pub, I guess.

  • Greg Ivey January 26, 2023  

    I agree with Bob Buick MM that the Northern Territory looks like a “cot case” from the East Coast. I think the basic problem is Alcohol introduced by the English in 1788. The Federal Government needs to consult and think through a Response with short-term and long-term results. Best to avoid another Intervention which had long-term negative results as we see in Alice Springs.
    Yes, the world has changed for the worse since the 1970s and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It is too simplistic to blame “global socialism” or “global zionism” for the state we are in. Rather than give in to fear, we can learn more about the causes and the remedies from qualified people with higher education. Then we can demand better of our politicians, media and commentators.

  • Alan Foyle January 26, 2023  


  • Robin Henry January 26, 2023  

    I think the ongoing problem we have is that the silent majority stays silent. We don’t complain, businesses roll over like a dog when an individual or small group complains about being offended by almost anything. The organisations who get the tremors when someone complains about the name on their biscuits or a boy’s shirt having a boy’s slogan need to grow some vagina and tell the complainers they are entitled to their opinion and then dismiss it. But invariably they fold up like limp dicks.

    The media is almost all Left biased and promote the WEF/UN and other causes like BLM and deplatform anyone who has a different view. Freedom of speech is disappearing fast. Now the Labor Government is legislating to prevent “misinformation” being published online. We all know what their view of misinformation is.

    Now we have even small supermarkets adopting ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) initiatives of the WEF, initiatives found in the US to be illegal in some states because they don’t focus primarily on the business role of making profit for shareholders.

    Our politicians seem focused on acceding to everyone’s requests so they don’t get knocked off the perch at the next election. We have no long-range plan and no vision that makes sense.

    As an NT resident for 30-odd years, I’ve seen billions of dollars poured into government programs, most of which have never achieved any worthwhile outcomes. A few weeks ago I spent a fortnight with my daughter and grandson at Alice Springs to witness a house nearby stoned by indigenous youths (solar panels broken) and a bolt cutter used for five youths to get into the fenced yard. The next door neighbour had yet another window on his car stoned. My daughter has spent over $20,000 on fence height increases, a larger steel fence and sliding gate at the front of her house and security cameras. She’s been broken into five times.

    The police are run ragged. Call the station number and you’re lucky to get an answer; call 000 and it takes forever, but the police do attend eventually only to find the crims have all crawled back into their government provided accommodation. Integrating stone age people who don’t work in communities where others work and need to sleep nights is an unworkable policy.

    I’m currently writing a short article about the Voice and will ask Veteranweb to publish it shortly.

    PS: I’m sorry this has turned into a rant.

  • Keith January 27, 2023  

    Greg it is unfortunate that you mention those of higher education being able to advise and assist in solving the modern day Australia problems. The fact is that the majority of these social atrocities have festered in the Universities that were covertly taken over by the socialists/communists around the mid to late 60s. You may have noticed the acceleration of all of the so called causes since 2000, where the year 2000 hoax was used as a test case to see if the masses could be influenced by a concerted world wide media campaign. The fact that it was a hoax did not matter as it proved the theory and the rest is history. Australia is being systematically torn apart by one world influences that appear to have our politicians and government captive. We are no longer represented by these parasites regardless of their good intentions on entering government.

  • Steve January 27, 2023  

    Couldn’t agree more Keith, the rot started in the Uni’s and is now entrenched in our schools so our youth have been brain washed into being good little, obedient socialists/communists. Good on you Bob for speaking out, you are a role model for Australians to follow.

  • Geoff Parker January 27, 2023  

    I agree with pretty well everything Mr Buick has said as I have been on my high horse about exactly the same thing for the last 30 years. It really is too late as a large majority of our young people, our future leaders & pollies, are fully indoctrinated into the Marxist causes. Us ex army bods, in fact all us dinosaurs are disappearing rapidly leaving a huge vacuum of alternative opinions. We can see it, in fact I could see it when I was 20plus years old, but the youngies today are pretty well gone. Our kids & grandkids will bear the consequences of the schools & uni’s traitorous teachings. So be it.

  • B J Morris January 27, 2023  

    Well said all of you and so true in all aspects,, as most of us are baby boomers, we left the best years behind and as mentioned that from the seventies on, it has all been downhill. When will state and federal government have the guts to stand up againt these greenies, lefties and wokes and say NO. I really do feel sorry for my kids, grandkids about what lies ahead for them. keep the comments coming and maybe someone will listen.

  • Bob Dean January 28, 2023  

    Think of what your parents went through in their lives. The fall out from WWI on the society of the day; country debt and more importantly the huge loss of young men to take the country forward. They experienced’ as young kids’ what many parents experienced was the loss of jobs during the Depression. Yet they, like their parents, got on with it until the outbreak of WWII, when once more the young men went off to fight . Korea, the “forgotten War” followed and we the Baby boomers came around and Vietnam after Malaya, Indonesia.
    We heard about family history, we were educated by caring parents, thinking educators who made us “think” about things and find out about subject matter by reading.
    Now when our grandchildren or in some case great grand children go to a party, the games they play no one “losses” as everyone gets a “prize” i.e. pass the parcel. Life is wins and losses but no, you harm a child’s self awareness and happiness if they don’t get a prize.
    What have a our kids raised under the current “woke” education system? Geography and History are now lost in relationship to this generation. Kids don’t even know where many counties are without referring to Mr Google Maps.
    History is seemingly Wikipedia and current affairs are now on who is dating who in the entertainment world.
    Are parent now placing their parenting roll in the hands of these ‘woke’ educators? We must question the bases of teaching today in some important areas. The talk of banning photo’s in class is a start. Better at home at the meal able. Get kids to remove those bloody hats when they enter a home or do they shower in them?
    I predict that the current Great Grandchildren will not have Grandparents in their life because the birthing age has risen so much higher to have children and the ability to produce kids is going south and fast. The future is not looking that bright for our kids and their future offspring’s.

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