One for Queensland RSL Members

By E ‘Dutchy’Lensing

Victor Jackson is a former long-standing Committee Member of my RSL Sub-Branch who had to stand down due to his age. He is over 80. He has always had a progressive attitude towards the functions of RSL Qld as he does with anything RSL, although his words, following these words of mine, relate in particular to Qld RSL upcoming elections, they are words that relate to the RSL as a whole… we need to involve the young veterans, they are our future, or we will die as an organisation for Veterans.

When you read his missive, I think you will agree with him.


Dear Members,

At the last State Congress, we voted for a change in our board structure. The changes then made, with the new board elected, we are beginning to have a positive impact on how we managing and running our RSL.

There is a saying: “Good things take time”. At the upcoming AGM we can make those “good things” even better. With five candidates to pick from to fill the one position of State Deputy President/Deputy Chair.

In June 2023, at our State Congress (AGM), we will be deciding which one of those five will be elected.

This election will be an important milestone for several reasons. But one of note is that two of the candidates are younger and already achievers. Young, compared to the average RSL Qld membership age.

Those two younger candidates have built themselves an impressive list of achievements. In RSL participation and in civilian life. For that alone they are most worthy and suited for our RSL Qld Board room.

At our 2023 State Congress (AGM) we should look at our younger veterans to secure them in responsible key or board positions. What is more, that is also in line with our RSL Qld 2030 strategy.

It does not mean that we should ignore the other three candidates. They too have great qualities and credits. But we could utilize their valued experiences as mentors to our younger veterans and those aspiring to become leaders.

The wiser and older veterans have a wealth of knowledge to pass on for encouraging and supporting young veterans.

With the young veteran talent now on the table, we can not afford “to miss the boat” again. Particularly now, when we are slowly turning our RSL Qld around, from an old tired system to a more caring and sensible governance board.

RSL Qld needs to adjust and modernize its systems and functions to secure our future for another 100 years. For that we need a collaborative team effort that is willing to adapt to change for the sake of our long term future.

With a young Deputy State President/Deputy Chair, our RSL Board can have a fresher and smarter approach of what Sub-Branches need for their survival. It is great to see young veteran talent willing to step up with great vigor.

It is not easy to change the inherited culture and the governance system that we have inherited and reworked for many decades. But our young veterans can help, by turning us around towards a promising future, slowly but surely.

We are all “Mates for Mates”, including the younger veterans, all of us, shoulder to shoulder.

Yours in Camaraderie

Victor Jackson FIML

RSL Qld Life Subscriber 1561431


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