Old Coastwatcher Jim Burrowes OAM 100th birthday.

Jim was at our table at the last lunch Glenwaverley RSL.

Jim had an illustrious career as a Chartered Accountant serving in very senior executive roles with major Australian public companies. A dutiful man who contributed in generous measure to civic endeavours as well.

Jim lost one brother when being transported to Hainan Is. (China) as a POW onboard the Montevideo Maru, sunk off Luzon (Philippines) by the submarine, USS Sturgeon on 1 July 1942. The Captain had no idea POWs and civilians were onboard the vessel which was unmarked as carrying POWs. A tragedy in which 1,054 Oz POWs drowned. The other brother was lost on his first flight over PNG

I can attest from sitting alongside Jim at our last lunch following the AGM, Jim still has all his marbles. A bright and entertaining fellow, he was good company. A bonzer bloke in fact

The Burrowes family was from Port Melbourne

Bob McDowell

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