NSW firm tapped to build Army vehicle fleet

From Defence Conect

A multimillion-dollar contract has been awarded to a Port Macquarie-based business for the development of rough terrain vehicles.

Bale Defence has secured an $8.47 million contract to build 40 off-road vehicles for the Australian Defence Force, designed for multi-domain military operations, including logistics and combat support.

The deal is expected to generate $6.17 million for the local economy, creating six new jobs in Port Macquarie and sustaining approximately 18 employees.

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price congratulated Bale Defence, which previously provided the first generation of rough terrain vehicles to the ADF.

“The rough terrain vehicle provides an important tactical, light, all-terrain land capability used by the ADF on operations and exercises both in Australia and overseas,” Minister Price said.

The minister said the deal contributes to a broader push to bolster sovereign manufacturing capability.

“This contract ensures Australia can continue to manufacture, modernise and enhance this critical capability locally, to meet our Defence Force’s evolving requirements,” she said.

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  • Andy October 9, 2021  

    Congrats to the government for finally getting back to “value adding” instead of expoprting jobs overseas.

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