Non-birthing parent Adam Bandt angers mothers

Sperm-donor and non-birthing parent Adam Bandt – who problematically refers to himself as ‘dad of two’ in his social media bio – has displayed an astonishing level of toxic masculinity by advocating for the removal of the word ‘mother’ on medicare certificates.
‘As leaders we have a duty to do the right thing despite culture warrior tabloids. “Birthing parent” includes LGBTQ+ people. It does not exclude anyone. I strongly encourage @billshortenmp to consult widely and reconsider this intervention.’
 Greens Leader Adam Bandt’s tweet comes as ex-Labor Leader Bill Shorten enjoyed wide praise yesterday for reversing the offensive and nonsensical decision to alter medical certificates.
 ‘Just regarding the story in the Daily Tele[graph] about a form that was part of a pilot program launched in 3 hospitals under the previous Coalition Government. When I was informed of this situation yesterday, I instructed the responsible officials they should cease using the previous government’s forms. They will be replaced with new forms that use the word mother, not birthing parent, which is consistent with other Medicare forms.’
If Bandt had done what he advises Shorten to do – consult widely – he would have found that most women are furious about being excluded and erased from language by a pack of fringe activists. (No, it is not enough to forgive Shorten for calling Union workers ‘man-baby Nazis’ for opposing vaccine mandates, but at least he has tilted slightly in the right direction.)
The voices of the majority of women are being drowned out by Bandt – a man in a position of extreme privilege. Listening to him ‘mansplain’ to women about how they are ‘being included’ while ignoring how those women actually feel appears to break every so-called ‘social justice rule’ laid out by the Greens.
Thousands of women replied to Bandt across various platforms, giving him a Biology 1.01 lesson about how babies are made.
Stephen Bates, the Greens’ LGBTQ+ spokesperson, wasn’t happy about women reasserting their right to exist in language.
‘We just had an election filled with conservative vitriol, anti-queer and anti-trans rhetoric, which was rejected by the public. I’m disappointed one of the minister’s first acts – seemingly without consulting any groups affected – is to start playing these culture war games.’
We keep being told to ‘trust the science’ – so let’s do that. Biological women are the only people who can give birth. These are called ‘mothers’. They are women. And they are sick and tired of activists seeking to eradicate them from language.
It’s almost like the last 300 years of feminism didn’t happen to the Australian Greens.

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  • Brian J. Hurlock July 25, 2022   Reply →

    While nothing should surprise us in relation to the sheer impractical stupidity of that Bandt white-anter of Democracy, I nearly fell off my balance beam when I read where Bandt included himself as a “leader” in his statement. He might hold the title of “Leader” in the subversive group known as “The Greens”, and he might carry such a title into the Australian Parliament, but in terms of real leadership, he isn’t worthy of even being called a leader’s anus. He might be an anus, but never worthy of being a leader’s anus (apart from the amount of toxic hot air that passes through his lips!🥴🥴🥴).

  • TERRY FORSTER July 26, 2022   Reply →

    I agree wholeheartedly in this article. Bandt seems hell bent on down playing womens role in the real world.

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