No more day dreaming and excuses     

No more day dreaming and excuses     

        1939–A war and its trials we did not seek

Can you recall far distant drumbeats of war

Hear echoes of weeping kin ask “what for?”

Constant fears and doubts in every town

Smiles of victory, or in defeat, glum faces drooping down

Air raid sirens, sandbag shelters, strangers seeking courage from each other

Children asking why, as they find comfort from a mother

Fear of visits by sad faced messengers knocking at the door

Loved ones wounded, missing or are no more?

Whatever our religion or lack it, national unity was our iron core

Despite tears of pain, always was the strong faith for our tomorrows

 Of peace, prosperity and a way of life saved for those who will follow

 1945  Then as one we sought our tomorrows 

Perhaps you arrived on Planet Earth after the guns went quite

When blissful peace reigned, and prosperous futures bright

Our proud flag flew high, and all as one we sought tomorrow

Our history well known including mistakes and sorrow

Toil, sweat and tears, yet always as one, standing proud

A hydro scheme then oil and gas were news we shouted out loud

Student discipline, confidence and education among the world’s best

We welcomed record numbers of refugees and stood the test

Cars made in our land down under showed what could be done

All this and more thanks to national vision, purpose and all as one

       Lessons soon forgotten and apathy reigns in our Space Age

Then false leaders grew lazy and slept and slept

The Devil preached ‘‘of buying cheap” as our dying factories wept

Borrowed foreign coin everywhere and deep debt became the norm

Foreign lands saw easy gold, and bleating two legged sheep were shorn

Today the gap between rich and the poor grows with each and every day

Our shame is a massive huge national debt for those who follow to pay

Thought Police prowl night and day, freezing truthful tongues

Apathy and deceit can destroy values which heroes defended with gun

A new bible preaches diversity, yet shuns proven powers of unity

Fists and pepper spray to fight COVID masked by mirages we are still free

       Poor fella my country, when will the penny drop?

Alas, shadows from our past are returning for all to see

Hints of rattling iron chains to steal a precious way of life so free

Lessons learnt in times of strife never understood and cast aside

Quickened by Canberra Suits peering into mirrors with false pride

We are fast asleep in our castle with wide open doors

Space age noisy brown shirts are bullying more and more

Political correctness slowly stealing nous from you and me

Orchestrated lawless mobs are destroying our way of life with impunity

They carry toxic flags of sly wokes, fiery dragons and thugs reborn

Can’t you sense the ANZACS fury growing with each passing dawn?

George Mansford ©November 2021

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