No. 9 Squadron RAAF

Vietnam. 1968. Starboard view of No. 9 Squadron RAAF Iroquois helicopter gunship, UH-1B A2-1025, commonly known as “Ned Kelly”. This aircraft was the first RAAF helicopter to be fitted with a trial armament system which was fitted to each side of the helicopter. The armament system included an XM 157 airborne rocket pod containing seven 2.75 inch Folding Fin Aircraft Rockets, twin side mounted M60 C machine guns which were capable of firing 6000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and twin door-mounted M60 machine guns which fired 400 rounds of ammunition. Standing next to the new armament system are members from the project team.

Left to right: Sergeant E. E. Moore; Flight Lieutenant R.C. Thompson; Squadron Leader J. H. Cox, pilot; Leading Aircraftman E. G. Maxwell, armament fitter, (kneeling in the helicopter doorway).

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  • Lee Bowes November 12, 2021   Reply →

    9 SQN gunships were called Bushrangers and I am sure that was their call sign.

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