New thinking required.

The words “Nuclear Power” are banned in Australia by the Looney Lefties.

As a SMALL example, France has 76 nuclear power stations scattered among major cities. There are six big ones operating in Great Britain with another one about to be built.

The company that operated 250 wind turbines on a hill overlooking Sheffield walked away from them last year because their economic life had expired (they only last 15-18 years) and, because they couldn’t afford to remove them and had nowhere to dispose of them they are still sitting there, now subject to legal action.

There are over 250,000 lying in fields in America for the same reason.  The cost to remove the nine-ton concrete base is also a huge expense. The blades can’t be recycled because of the composition and even a large semi-trailer could only remove one turbine shaft at a time and only if it could be cut into three pieces. But where would you take it??

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