New government’s defence and veterans’ ministers prompt concerns

By Ross Eastgate/Pictured

THE die is cast and Australia has a Labor government committed, in opposition at least, to making defence and veterans a priority.

It’s early days yet, but there are growing concerns in the wider defence community as to government priorities and appointees’ capabilities.

The defence portfolio has gone to deputy PM Richard Marles, whose past close links to the Chinese hierarchy have raised some concerns as to his suitability for the role, which he has long coveted.

Veteran affairs and defence personnel have gone to a relative unknown and inexperienced West Australian, Matt Keogh, an appointment which is based more on factional needs than demonstrated capability.

The portfolio has also been moved outside the inner cabinet, which inspires absolutely no confidence this government intends to place any priority on veterans’ issues, nor serving personnel.

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New government’s defence and veterans ministers prompt concerns | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (

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  • TERRY FORSTER June 5, 2022  

    Lets see before biased comment from you.

  • Ken.T. June 5, 2022  

    I hold very little hope from any party that sits around the trough and pretends to make decisions based on party lies. In my 60 odd years as a serving member, and as a civilian listening to, watching on T.V, and being part of the debate, I have not once heard, seen, or witness an honest member of Parliament come forth and do as they have promised to do. The story goes, we used you, we are now finished with you, and we don’t care one bit about you, your problems, or your complaints are no longer our concern.
    Why was every Pollie, screaming you don’t need a Royal Commission into Ex-Service, and Serving Members Suicides? Because they knew the out come, and they also were aware of the buried complaints of no action. The only difference between the Pollie and the Money Launders is the Pollie got his cash via the pay office. It is still a rip-off.

  • Colin Rayfield June 6, 2022  

    Whole-heartedly agree with Ken T.
    The DVE* has been a battle that ALL Veterans did not deserve. Now we had an election – and SURPRISE – a politician got in ! Will we see ANY notice taken of Veterans’ concerns?
    Will the suicide numbers drop – from the current (?) 1,300 – due to DVE* / GOVT’S LACK OF A DUTY OF CARE ?!!
    Is it any wonder that recruiting numbers have dropped?
    (DVE* :
    Delays/ Denials / Deprive / Defraud
    Veterans of LEGAL
    And the media ‘missed’ the VETERAN-GATE SCAM that preceded ROBODEBT !!

  • stevow June 11, 2022  

    Hardly a biased comment, more likely very accurate, they have never cared about defence, security or the vets, ask the Greens. I noted defence and security were top of the list of cuts in the budget to come. Anyone got a spare Aldi bag, better learn to speak Chinese, quickly.

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