New Book – “Mentions In Despatches”

Warning Order: New Viet Nam book about to be published…

 From Dave Sabben

Belated Seasons’ Greetings and best wishes to all for 2023!

This is an early warning that I am about to publish a new book.

It is titled “Mentions In Despatches” and is essentially a day-by-day account of an infantry platoon in the first year of 1ATF at Nui Dat.

It will be A4 sized, 400+ pages, hardcover and on good quality art paper as it has 500+ images, many from AWM and similar quality sources – a ‘coffee-table’ quality book (printed in Australia!).

I don’t have a publish date yet but I’m told to expect it sometime in March (with the usual “all being well” caveat).

I have put together a website to tell the essentials of the new book – to include a few (24) sample pages and to include such text as the Contents, Intro, and Preface, (with Foreword and Index to come.)

Please do a recce patrol to when ready.

The “BUY NOW” page is not yet commissioned (coz I don’t have books to send) but please be aware that the cost per book will be AUD$80 plus postage (maybe $12 or even $15? – TBA). To be ordered via the website only (they won’t be distributed and sold thru bookstores).

(There will be a bulk order deal – buy multiples of 10; get 11 per 10 – to assist with group-, club-, association-, etc. orders. This will be detailed on the “BUY NOW” page – click the shopping trolley icon.)

I will send out an update to this email group once I know the publishing date and have fully enabled the “BUY NOW” facility in the website.

Meanwhile, please feel free to send this email (or its pertinent contents) as far and as wide as you would like to. Also to put it into newsletters, onto Facebook or wherever there may be interested readers.

If you would like to make any comments (or even place an expression of interest), the “ADD COMMENTS” page is working and anything put there will arrive in my inbox and be actioned. Or just answer this (original) email.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to “spread the word”…

All the best,



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  • Rodger Eyles January 24, 2023  

    G’day Dave.

    Interested in this book. Can you advise via email when it is available to enable me to order it.

  • Kenneth Taylor Ex. 3 cav. SVN. January 24, 2023  

    Very interested in your Book, and would like to be informed when it is published. Thank you for the devotion and service you have given. Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty is so much lacking these days.

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