Navy unveils new Maritime Intelligence and Information Warfare School

Defence News

The school is designed to support the Royal Australian Navy’s capabilities in intelligence and information warfare, training the next generation of officers across electronic warfare, intelligence, cryptology and imaging.

According to Defence, the Maritime Intelligence and Information Warfare School based at HMAS Watson was based upon the Training Authority – Maritime Warfare’s School of Maritime Warfare bringing together information and intelligence specialists from across Navy.

The new school aims to centralise the training of these warfighting capabilities in one location, according to Lieutenant Commander Rich Morris.

“Navy had established operational and strategic agencies for intelligence and information warfare, but there was no dedicated organisation to deliver centralised training on the waterfront,” LCDR Morris told Defence News.

“The opening salvoes of the next conflict will be in the information domain and, therefore, our trainees are the vanguard, but the tools of our trade and the vectors of attack are constantly evolving.

“We must be agile to ensure that our trainees are ready for the worst-case scenario.”

The school is expected to continue growing over the coming years, while working closely with Australia’s intelligence agencies.

Electronic intelligence instructor Leading Seaman Jacob Wiremu explained how the new school would benefit the next generation of intelligence and information warfare officers.

“It will allow the free flow of information and integration of specialisations within the Navy and will improve information warfare in terms of understanding the roles and responsibilities of fellow category members,” LS Wiremu explained to Defence News.

“The reliability of such a new and modern training precinct is what was needed for a long time here at HMAS Watson.

“I anticipate it will bring a sense of awe and increased professionalism to staff and students alike.”


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