National Service Sapper officer Lawson Ride

I am forwarding the message below from Vivien Ride, wife of Lawson (a fellow Sapper), who was a classmate of mine at OTU Scheyville.
As with myself and other classmates, we only spent time with Lawson at Scheyville, and can only pass on stories relating to that time.
Lawson was a very talented musician and was renowned for his ability as a pianist. He displayed this talent often on the piano in the Cadet’s Mess at Scheyville.

Post the ADF, Lawson was the CEO of the Cancer Council in Tasmania until his forced retirement with the early onset of Parkinson’s Disease. He currently requires fulltime care and has been a resident at the Nubeena care facility for the last few years.

Nubeena has a small RSL club where Vivian has taken Lawson out for lunch regularly whilst he has been a resident at the care centre.

As I recall, Lawson spent his time with 1 Movement Control Unit and/or Small
Ships Squadron.

If anyone can assist with information on the time Lawson spent in his postings, it would be appreciated.

Can you please respond to me, but feel free to copy Vivian on her address
listed in her message.

Cheers Rob Wilson.

From: Vivien Ride <[email protected]>

Subject: Lawson and the Army

The RSL down here in Nubeena, Tas, is planning to organise some sort of presentation to Lawson and they want to know a bit about Lawson’s time in the Army.
From what I know Lawson was mainly known for having way too much fun. But I was hoping you could send this out to his mates and see if we can get a bit more insight into his time in the Army
Any nice memories would be appreciated.
Time is of the essence as they want to do it soon as Lawson’s health is fading
Cheers viv

[email protected]

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