There are persistent contradictory rumours that 2 Squadron SASR has been secretly disbanded or will soon be disbanded.  Alas, no smoke signals that there has been a change of heart and commonsense has at last prevailed.  What is known is that when seeking scapegoats there should always be a good smoke screen to mask incompetence at the high levels of military and political arenas. 

Confusion, public anger and disbelief are very much part of the sad scenes being played in Canberra. If only there had been cool heads and clear objectivity when the alarm bells rang? 

Can we have some positive statement of intent? To help ease the troubled minds of old veterans of the squadron who served with honour; not forgetting Next of Kin who grieve for loved ones who once with immense pride, served in Two Squadron SASR

One point is very clear, when it comes to soldiering, honour, love of Regiment, a fair go and due recognition, no one, but no one, will steal such values  from those who earnt them.

George Mansford


Over reaction is toxic for any leader

Loyalty both ways was once the military cry

Faith, trust, duty and follow the leader, be it to live or die

From ANZAC to the Space Age, it has been the military bible

If ignored and found guilty, offenders, not units, are very liable


Such values cement the strongest of bonds in peace and war

They never bend or crack, even in danger where odds of survival are poor

From swearing the sacred oath to the last day of soldiering, alive or dead

Warriors live by both a creed and example of revered ghosts who once led


That is the way it must be if our military is to win

The task is made harder, when some in safe places consider killing enemy a sin

So sad an SASR squadron which for decades has bravely confronted enemy dens

Is now found guilty before trial, and cast to the wind with a flick of a General’s pen


So convenient to ignore our Armed Forces creed and justice as it should be

It insults both living and ghosts who once served; a delight for any foe to see

It dampens fighting spirit and breeds confusion to what is right or wrong

Erodes faith, trust, duty and loyalty so vital for a proven powerful battle song


Wake up OZ; it’s time to rid our troops of heavy cumbersome haversacks of PC

For Canberra suits to stand tall for the creed as it was, and should always be

Otherwise, replace our military with a super- size pen wielding Diplomatic Corp

And gamble that there will never ever be the need to prepare for war.

George Mansford  December 2020

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