Medal Inquiry

ED: The following email was sent to 1RAR … they have asked for our help

From: michael kreminski <[email protected]>
Subject: Medal Inquiry

To whom it may concern,

My name is Michael Kreminski and I’m contacting you on behalf of my father Peter Kreminski.  Whilst going through my grandfather’s belongings we came across the following item: a General Service Medal though with a missing clasp.  My father did a bit of research on the name and service number at the base of this medal and it appears it was awarded to a Pte Graham George Tanner for his service in Malaya whilst a member of 1RAR.

We believe this medal came into my grandfather’s possession whilst he was running a boarding house in Sydney and that Pte Tanner was one of his former tenants.  It is unclear whether Pte Tanner is still alive and/ or he has any surviving descendants and we thought it was appropriate to reach out to your organisation to either try to chase up his family or to take possession of the medal as part of 1RAR’s history.

To this, I will be flying into Townsville on the 30th of this month before leaving on the 2nd of January.  Please respond to either this email or feel free to call me on 0419 862 745 if you wish for me to deliver the medal to you at this time.


Michael Kreminski

[email protected]

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