Marching Here, There and Everywhere.

George Mansford May 2023

I watched the ANZACS marching proud and tall

Then cheered their sons and daughters when they too answered the call

I knew many of the fallen from wars that followed be they lost or won

Always the columns and our beloved nation were as  one

Yet now with dark clouds gathering and an urgent need to stay united together

Politicians publicly distort the ANZAC Theme and wave a toxic blunt knife to sever

Proud history, unity and a constant call “To be as one’” forever and ever.

It’s time to send our political suits on a one way ticket for the ”Never Never’’

Leave ANZAC Day Alone  

A very special sacred day to salute our fallen from the first to the last

To reflect on glorious deeds and sacrifice from our proud past.

To confirm national identity, and all as one standing tall

From opulent castles to far distant bush huts with cooee calls

Parades from coast to coast, and in foreign land too

We salute our fallen who gave all, for me and you.


Shame on leaders who speak as Gods from well protected thrones

Who talk of them and us and not we with flawed judgement in godly tones

Readily distort our military past to infer racism and its shame is far from dead

Ignoring today’s military proud cry; “We all wear the same-coloured thread”

The constant sound of Didgeridoos now dominates where tranquillity has been

Our proud flag is now one of many in what is becoming a carnival scene 


It’s time for all RSL Caesars to roll up their sleeves, for all to see

To guard against distortion of our proud history

Our very special One Day of the Year is slowly being stolen by a few

To placate a noisy mob blowing smoke and constant welcomes too

If there is to be a greeting, then let it be for all to hear and see

As a salute to all our heroes who gave all to keep our country free.

                                       We are as one! 

George Mansford©April2023


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