Hi Ray

I previously asked if anyone knew of Bob Faulkner – who may or may not be ‘on the right side of the grass’ (his words).

Bob and I shared a dark sense of humour – and he was the 1 RAR’s UNOFFICIAL WAR ARTIST in ’65-’66.

I had tried to get his 200 or so artworks/ cartoons exhibited – but to no avail. I then had his written permission to do with them as I wished.

I have lost his contact since my email service was deleted (for commercial reasons).

If Bob has since passed on, I would like to contact his NOK to fulfil a promise to return his LAST copy of his published COMIC BOOK: ‘WAKKA’.

Bob may not be known to you – as we were both spending duty time at BHQ, while you were in an infantry platoon, as was I initially. He spent a lot of time drawing on scraps of scrounged paper until I had my family send over a sketch pad to pass onto him.

He then went on – surprisingly – to become an officer and established a Security Force for Canberra’s APH, and working alongside the notorious John Essex-Clark (Big E) in Canberra.

I have not been able to contact him from the days when he last lived in the vicinity of Rockhampton (Qld). I believe he was then about to move to be close to a hospital closer to Brisbane.

I would like to know if anybody knows of his outcome – as I still wish to honour his creativity and the uplifting of morale back in those days.

Colin Rayfield

[email protected]

(Ex-1 RAR ’65-’66 – 1 Pl A Coy)

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