As some of you may have seen, this week I’ve finally been able to announce the big project that we have been working on behind the scenes – Veteran Games Australia.

Back in 2021 I developed this concept after identifying a gap in the current offering that could potentially better cater to the current highest risk category of Mental Health issues and Suicidality within the Veteran Community, those Veterans under the age of 40. Many of us who have struggled with mental health issues, suffered from isolation, loss of purpose and lost some connection to our military identity, are still very physically capable and in search of an opportunity to perhaps use this to showcase a positive perspective of contemporary Veterans and military service.

Behind the scenes, we have been working over the last 18 months to turn this idea into an event, and we are now set to launch the first ever Veteran Games Australia on the Gold Coast 29 September – 02 October this year.

Veteran Games Australia 2023 will be the inaugural launch of an annual event designed to celebrate and showcase the skills and excellence of our Veteran Community in a format that is exciting and engaging for the wider public.

Competitions will include a Team Obstacle Course challenge, Team Tug-of-War, and a number of other Military styled activities designed to test the teamwork and problem solving skill-sets of competitors. Veterans (current and former serving) will be required to form and register their own team of eight (8) and pass a basic fitness test in order to compete.


Now that we have announced and are on our way, I need to ask for your help. This is a grassroots initiative and is not in receipt of any government funding. We are seeking sponsorships for brands and businesses that are keen to show their support or make a tax deductible donation through the operating charity – Veteran Support Force LTD. Anyone can individually make a fully tax deductible donation also – all via our website VeteranGames.com

Perhaps even more valuable to our mission is asking for your support to send this out and raise awareness within your own networks and contacts. To help make sure that more Veterans are aware of the Veteran Games, and to reach more brands and businesses that might be willing to become a sponsor or supporter. People power is how this all began, and with your support – I know that we can continue to get this done, on the ground with the community instead of waiting and relying on Government support to catch up.

Projects that bring people together with purpose are where I find the most enjoyment, and I am again so excited to be able to share this with you – and keep you updated as we progress this year.

Thank you for supporting in anyway you can, and please keep happy and healthy all the while.

Yours in Service

Heston Russell



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