Javelin Missile | How a Javelin Missile works.

The Javelin FGM-148 is an anti-tank missile that locks on to the infrared image of a target.

The soldier picks several targets and attack kinds by peering through a command launch unit.

Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile with autonomous self-guidance and lock-on before launch. When assaulting armoured vehicles, the system uses a top-attack flight profile, striking the normally thinner top armour, although it may also launch a direct attack on structures, targets too near for top attack, targets under obstructions, and helicopters.

Recently it has been used in Ukraine against the Russian invasion where it has been proven as a lethal weapon.

Enough said let go to the detail of its operation and how it works.

Breaking it down the Javelin Missile is divided into 7 parts,

1)The sensors which guides the missile to its Target.

2)A small “precursor charge” that can be used to overcome reactive armour or other impediments.

3)The Guidance System which is the brain of the Missile along with the Sensor.

4)The Main Charge which is detonated after the Precursor.

5)The Main Flight Motor using conventional rocket propellant.

6)The v Stabilizing the Missile.

7)And last part of the missile is the Launch Motor, engaged just to clear some space for the soldier….

The gunner carries a reusable Command Launch Unit (in addition to the Launch Tube Assembly), often known as a C L U also pronounced “clue”, which is the two-part system’s aiming component. The CLU includes three views that may be used to detect, target, and fire the missile. It can also be used as a portable thermal sight when not attached to the missile.

The Launch Tube Assembly, which houses the missile and protects it from severe circumstances, is carried by both the gunner and the ammo bearer. The tube also features built-in electronics and a locking hinge system, allowing for quick and easy attachment and removal of the missile from the Command Launch Unit. It has a length of 1.1 metre or 43 inches with a barrel of 1.2 metre or 47 inches with a diametre of 142 mm or 5.6 inches.

The Warhead weigh around 19 pounds or 8.4 KG This can pierce armour with a thickness of 600 to 800 mm Rolled homogeneous armour.

It has a maximum firing range is 2500 metres. A variant of the Javelin with a range of 4750 metres was recently created by the company.

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