Japan and Vietnam deepen security ties

Japan and Vietnam’s defence ministers conducted a briefing in late November to deepen the country’s co-operation on cyber security and military medicine.

In late November, Vietnam’s Minister of National Defence General Phan Van Giang and Japan’s Minister of Defence Nobuo Kishi signed two memoranda between the nations to pledge closer cyber security ties and closer collaboration in the field of military medicine.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Defence, the November meeting marked the third consultation between the two defence ministers, having recently met in September.

“Then, the ministers each spoke about the significance of Japan-Vietnam defence co-operation, which was redefined at the last Japan-Vietnam Defence Ministers’ Meeting in September 2021, not just as cooperation for the benefit of Japan and Vietnam, but also for more proactively contributing to the peace and stability of the region and the international community. They reached a consensus to make specific efforts under this ‘Japan-Vietnam Defence Cooperation at the New Level’,” a release from the Japanese Ministry of Defence read.

Throughout the meeting, both ministers confirmed that their respective nations supported compliance with the international rules-based order and the freedom of navigation, while rejecting unilateralism and coercive behaviour in the region.

“The ministers shared the view that under the ‘Japan-Vietnam Defence Cooperation at the New Level’, Japan and Vietnam will contribute more proactively to the peace and stability of the region and the international community, by making specific efforts utilizing their respective advantages and resources,” Japan’s Ministry of Defence said.

“Based on the achievements at the Japan-Vietnam Defence Ministers’ Meeting in September 2021, the ministers reconfirmed the promotion of further cooperation in the field of peacekeeping operations. In this context, Minister Giang requested that Japan share knowledge to assist Vietnamese preparation to participate in UNISFA.

“Minister Kishi expressed his strong appreciation to Vietnam for its proactive stance towards the peace and stability in the international community through its participation in peacekeeping operations. In response to Minister Giang’s request, Minister Kishi stated that Japan will provide necessary cooperation, including dispatching Japanese experts comprising mainly of Japan Ground Self-Defence Force’s personnel to Vietnam.

“Minister Giang expressed his appreciation, and the Ministers consented to proactively continue this collaboration as a model case of ‘Japan-Vietnam Defence Cooperation at the New Level’.”

Following the meetings between the two representatives, it is expected that Japan and Vietnam will accelerate their military co-operation in the region.

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