Is this Treason?

VSF (Veteran Support Force)

Please join us in another quest for accountability.

Adam Bandt is the elected Federal Member for Melbourne and Leader of the Australian Greens party.

Prior to his press conference in Sydney on Monday 20 June 2022, a member of his team removed the Australian National Flag, while the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags remained in view. Adam Bandt said the Australian National Flag was “hurtful” to Indigenous Australians and invoked racism. “For many people, this flag (Australian National Flag) represents dispossession and the lingering pains of colonisation,” Adam Bandt said.

The Australian Army is the custodian of the Australian National Flag, and it is draped over the coffins of all Veterans who have died in service to Australia.

Adam Bandt’s actions have brought outrage from across the Veteran community and families calling for his immediate apology, and actions to be taken by the Government and/or the Governor-General to ensure that this disrespect is held accountable.

VSF has set up a petition and we ask that you please sign and share it out.

Noise and numbers are what we do best, to hold people accountable for their actions.

Yours in service,
VSF (Veteran Support Force)

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  • Rodger Eyles June 22, 2022   Reply →

    We should not be surprised that Brandt has reacted in this manner. He is an absolute dick head with no idea what the majority of Australians think of him. The people who voted for him are just as bad.

  • Alan Foyle June 22, 2022   Reply →

    This scumbag needs to be sacked from parliament. How can he represent the needs of Australians with the attitude he has to our flag. I would love to go “postal” on this shit-for-brains maggot and teach him a lesson. He can take his woke ideas and shove them up where the sun don’t shine. Scum of the earth.

  • Alan Foyle June 22, 2022   Reply →

    Why are we sitting back and taking this crap from maggots like Bandt?

  • Pete Lindwall June 22, 2022   Reply →

    Did Adam Bandt swear an oath to the Queen and Commonwealth of Australia when he took office? If that is the case surely he has committed some act of perjury maybe. He should be hauled up before the Governor General and given notice as to why he shouldn’t resign his commission.
    Pete Lindwall

  • Kenneth Taylor June 22, 2022   Reply →

    It may surprise some, but this creation, Adam Brandt was once a serving Member of the Army. Not a very good one, but one at least. His loyalties lie in the Socialist realm of a Dictator Ship style of Government. His own ideas in regard to our Great Nation are that we have every thing totally wrong and this is why we are in so much trouble with Energy, a rising inflation along with unemployment and single parents. If we would only follow Brandt’s advice we would not have any problems at all, living in shanties, along with no heating and raw food, with out clothing or any other normal achievement of man.

    After all he has work very hard to get the benefits of his office from the public purse. He hasn’t missed a penny yet, got them all.

  • Alan Price June 22, 2022   Reply →

    This immigrant from England with German heritage and married to a ” proud Aboriginal lady” certainly has no respect at all for his new country. He should be sacked immediately and his citizenship checked. He is a professional Australia hater who uses this hate to inspire insurrection. How dare he insult the symbol of Australia, the country that invited him and his parents to join with us to become a true Aussie. He has insulted his welcome and he is not now welcome. If he considers that the flag is divisive then he should contemplate moving to another country that does not care about their flag and the history involved with it and depicted on it. He is a disgrace and in another country he would be either shot or beheaded but in this country he is allowed to be despicable, insulting and unappreciative towards the entire country including the aboriginal members..

  • Charles Chant June 22, 2022   Reply →

    All the bleating and farting about Brant is just that , hot air, what is required is ourNational Flag needs to be enshrined in law perhaps say as a National Treasurer or Heritage protected , this would solve the problem for at the moment its standing is the same Aboriginal Flag which are both only officially recognised by the Federal Government

  • Maureen and Steve Lind. June 23, 2022   Reply →

    Adam Brant should be censured by a motion in Parliament and have it recorded by Hansard. If Parliament fails to do the Governor-General must call re-election.

  • Robert Dean June 27, 2022   Reply →

    This bloke is trying to be a legend but at best only in his lunch box.
    I would strongly recommend:
    .That his passport (especially diplomatic which this bunny would travel on) be removed since he doesn’t recognise the Australian flag and disrespects this nation;
    . He be removed from parliament after a censure monition of no confidence and condemnation be carried;
    . He be removed by the GG;
    . When ever he ever or any Greens member appear anywhere people wave the Australian flag in his / their face;
    . Ensure he or any Green member never ever attends any ANZAC Day or similar remembrance day and ensure his office knows he and his members are never welcome at such gatherings.

  • Robert Dean June 27, 2022   Reply →

    I wanted to add to my previous comments that when this bloke stands in the House of Representatives he can look from that House across Lake Burly -Griffiin to the AWM where the names of those who died under the Australian flag are held in the highest esteem by all.
    To me he is saying that this doesn’t matter to him or the Party members he (i use the word very loosely) leads. and he holds them all in contempt.
    Utterly disgraceful in anyone’s book.
    I will never again utter his name, he will forever remain nameless.

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