Information: NCF Review

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs reviews the National Consultation Framework (NCF) every three years to ensure mechanisms for consultation between the Department, Commissions and the ex-serving community remain effective and fit-for-purpose.  As you’re aware, a review of the existing NCF structure commenced in mid-2019 and will include input from the broader serving and ex-serving community via an online survey conducted by an external research company, ORIMA.

In order to obtain input from as broad an audience as possible, the Department will promote the survey through a range of media, including social media, DVA and Defence newspapers, transition forums and Deputy Commissioner forums.  Furthermore, the Department is requesting NCF member organisations promulgate details of the NCF Review and survey to your members, through your established communications networks.  Input is encouraged from any serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force, as well as family members.  Input is also encouraged from people acting as representatives of ex-service organisations and other organisations that support the veteran community.

This survey will commence on Monday, 29 June 2020 and be open to the public until Sunday, 26 July 2020.  The survey can be accessed via the DVA website, at

DVA would be grateful for your assistance in promoting input from your members and local veteran community.  Together, we can ensure the entire veteran community continues to have a strong, effective and consultative relationship with DVA into the future.

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