• Legatee Perry Neil October 30, 2021   Reply →

    Gday Ray,

    Are you heading of in an FJ ute and a vintage caravan ? that’d be great! but if your going in a modern outfit that’ll be great also,
    have a good trip mate.

  • David MacLean October 30, 2021   Reply →

    Enjoy your break, drive safely,
    Yours aye
    David MacLean

  • Neil Arnott October 30, 2021   Reply →

    Have a great break.

  • JOHN COTTER October 30, 2021   Reply →

    Have a great time away. Greatly appreciated.

  • Graham Crick October 31, 2021   Reply →

    Have a gggggrrrreeeaaaatttt time but BEHAVE ??????????
    (can that “behave” bit, life is too short for that)

  • Lawrie Wilson October 31, 2021   Reply →

    Good time to go away, hope you have a successful trip.

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