Soldiers have rights too.

Why are politicians, elected public servants, so determined to run down morale in our defence forces, discourage enlistment and leave Australia defenceless?

In creating a four yearlong investigation into allegations about our soldiers in Afghanistan,  why have they not honoured the presumption of innocence which all Australians, even cardinals, are entitled to?

Why were hostile, left-wing, media granted special access by Defence?

And why weren’t those consequently forced to protect their reputations granted legal aid similar to that thrown at anyone claiming to be a refugee?

Instead of prudently keeping the report private until prosecutions are launched, the PM prejudged the issues as ‘brutal truths’ which will constitute difficult and hard news for all Australians,


Before a jury has reached its verdict?

Yet not only is our biggest defence contract for what many experts think will be a dozen obsolete Turnbull-Pyne diesel submarines, but some also will not be delivered in time for our future King to review the fleet for the 2045 centenary of the Victory in the Pacific in the last war.

Meanwhile, the politicians seem intent on turning the armed forces into some social laboratory.

From the selection criteria, you would think the very last people they want as soldiers are strong young men!!!!.

There is a history of our soldiers putting up with more than fighting in foreign wars.

In WW2, supplies were too often sabotaged on the waterfront with fatal consequences.

As the late Hal Colebatch revealed in his Australia’s Secret War, the wartime government was rendered too weak by its left-wing even to stop the stevedore saboteurs who, in any other country, would have been arrested.

Sometimes American troops did what Australians were stopped from doing.

They just trained their guns on the communist-led saboteurs.

The armaments and other supplies were then loaded with unusual speed and care.

Then later, rather than politicians ensuring they were welcomed home with street parades, V

Viet Nam veterans were subjected to personal attack by left-wing revanchists as opposed to the US alliance.

This is not the first time soldiers who risked their lives have been the subject of controversial prosecutions.

On one occasion when our soldiers came under fire in Afghanistan in 2009, they returned fire and lobbed grenades into a compound which also unfortunately but unavoidably resulted in the deaths and wounding of civilians.

Most would ask what else they could have done, but the calm re-assessment of this in a Canberra air-conditioned office led to a different conclusion.

Under the politicians unnecessary and poorly designed centralization of military prosecutions, a system set up without any dissent in parliament,

the soldiers were charged with manslaughter!!!!.

Just as well such an approach did not apply in WW2, otherwise, the Rising Sun would be flying over Canberra now!!!!

Until a prosecution is launched, the presumption of innocence surely dictates that any examination or report remain private.

Above all, when it comes to those willing to die for their country,

politicians have an elementary duty to ensure they enjoy the presumption of innocence.

I could go on and on about these bedwetting green liberals and their Cancel Culture, plus the Labor Party is no Better

 From https://politicom.com.au/honour-the-brave/

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