Home from our travels

Hi All,

Julie and I arrived home this afternoon from our caravan trip, Van has now been washed and put away, no more red dust. Washing the car will have to wait until after I mow the lawn in the morning, I need to get that done so the neighbours won’t frown at me.

I won’t have time to research and post to the website today … plus I am a bit tired after a busy day.

Thanks for understanding, back to normal tomorrow.



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  • Peter Billington March 2, 2023   Reply →

    Welcome home Soldier, you sound like you had a great time. The lawn may have grown but you have not changed.

    Thank you and your crew for all the great stuff you keep pumping out and keeping us all informed.



  • Sandra & Bryan March 3, 2023   Reply →

    Welcome home to both of you, I’m sure you had a great time. Bryan and I hope to get away for a few months during winter but the way things are shaping up with home renovations, a winter break may have to wait. Haha, Bryan just went past carrying a tin of paint and a paint brush, said to say hello to you. Cheers.

  • Maria MacMaster March 3, 2023   Reply →

    Glad you are home safely. All that cleaning and chores takes away from the enjoyment of the trip a little but I am sure you had a wonderful time

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