Hitler Made Idiotic Mistakes. He Lost World War II As Much As The Allies Won It

Produced by David Hoffman

I was hired to produce a television documentary based on several books that had been written when this was made on how Hitler lost World War II because of careless, idiotic, incorrect military decisions that time and again cost Germany lives and treasures in battles that they might have won. Most armchair historians know that it was unwise for Hitler to open up two fronts, one to battle the West in Europe, the other to battle the east and Russia. And many know about his unwise decision to pull back the Luftwaffe from the battle of Britain. To get to the deeper issues of why and how Hitler made these mistakes, I obtained the support of major British and German historians and some of those military leaders who worked with Hitler directly. They give a picture that makes the points the film is making, credible.

This clip is from a 1 hour PBS television documentary I made called ” How Hitler Lost the War.” The film takes a unique point of view. Rather than talking about who won the war, my colleagues and I explored what Hitler did that helped lose Germany the war. Although it happened so long ago, it is still a frightening story. Some of the interviews I conducted in this segment were fascinating to me and I hope they are to you as well.

How does one control people’s minds? Give them something to fear. Worked then. Works now.


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