Hey gang just my say.

By John Enchong – Veteran

Hey gang just my say …on the matter of the Voice.

I like most Australians have goodwill for all of us Indigenous, especially as Dad was TSI. I have brothers and sisters who have and are actively worked/working in the communities bringing programs to the people striving for better outcomes. Yet despite Billions of dollars and tons of goodwill over the decades from both sides of politics. We still have atrocious conditions in the communities, domestic violence is the highest for any group and sexual assault is through the roof.

I am at a loss to explain where all the money has gone, corruption, yes certainly. Syphoned off in bureaucracy by different levels of Govt’s yes. We need to follow the money trail and see where and how the money is being spent. Is it being used wisely?

I don’t know how to fix this problem; we can go into harm minimalization with work in the communities but it will take a huge effort to make substantial and palpable change, so the indigenous kids feel safe enough to stay at home at night.

That has to come from the elders and parents, we can no longer allow the children to be victimised in their own homes, pushing them out onto the streets at night committing crimes against the community as a way of lashing out. Heal the homes would be a start.

I may not know how to fix it, but I do know that the Voice and adding another layer of bureaucrats are not going to help.

The communities have voices, the Land Councils have voices the Elders have voices. But is anyone in Canberra and Labor listening? Labor insisting goodwill and keeping information from Australians is the way to help.

We need someone to come up with a way to get the kids off the streets and back into their homes by making them safe. In this day and age, 2023 in Australia this should not be a problem in a first-world nation. Yet here we are infants with STDs and family domestic violence. Address the core issues of child safety in the homes or all is for nothing.

No, I am not a racist, but more a realist who wants a change for the better for all Australians, both white and black.

I do believe my voice will not be heard in Canberra. Feeling very angry that this has been used in a way that seems to divide rather than unite. Helping the communities in a way that unites us all would be a good place to start.

Not some grandiose political feel-good but do nothing gesture. Like I said just my say, like it or hate it,  it’s from the heart.

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  • David Anderson April 30, 2023  

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Whenever I have a conversation with someone about the voice and the feedback I receive supports the Yes vote, my question is always “Why?” – and no one, so far, has yet been able to provide a satisfactory answer.
    At the end of the day, no one has been able to tell me how it’s all going to work, when every other attempt has failed.
    If the Yes vote wins, we’re going to be saddled with the expense forever and no closer to solving the problem.
    David Anderson, Lennox Head, NSW

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