Help Request

Hi, Ray.

I have been directed to you by Bill Dobell.
I have a Rodney Horwill, looking for Gavin Doyle, 5 RAR Feb 69 to Aug 69 on behalf of a mate of Rod’s, Geoff Hose, 5 RAR Feb 69 to Aug 69. The way I understand it, was that both were wounded in the same contact, resulting in hospital stay together and I am assuming, Medivaced together. Geoff would like to catch up with Gavin.
Rod Horwill, can be contacted at [email protected] or 0488 622 909.
I have sent a similar request through the VVAA network, and hopefully we can make the connection.
Thanks for your good work.

Gordon Hunt
Ballarat Sub-Branch
0404 447 311

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