Happy Mothers Day to our special ladies


She’ll always tell it as it is, with no respect for military rank
and if the need arises, sometimes she can be frank
she’ll stand by her convictions, as steady as a rock
to those who do not know her, it comes as quite a shock.

No matter what distracts her, she does not lose her cool
changing a tyre on the car, to get the kids to school
her worst fears are then confirmed, it was more than just a hunch
in all that confusion, her brood forgot their lunch.

She’ll help you with your burden, as heavy as it may be
when desperation locks the door, she’ll always find the key
balancing bills and budgets, down the financial road
she will rarely stumble, no matter what the load.

Quick to respond, in a time of need
a woman in a million, a unique faithful breed
always ready to display, her multi-tasking skills
quelling minor squabbles, curing childhood ills.

Often hard to change her mind, cross her if you dare
you may not always see her point, but in general, they are fair
firmly at the helm, through all the trips and bumps
if life was a game of cricket, you’d want her behind the stumps.


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton

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