Greens founder Bob Brown blasts Anthony Albanese’s ‘Rudd mistake’

From The Australian, Greens dictating it must be done their way.

Greens founder Bob Brown has urged Anthony Albanese to negotiate with the Greens. Picture: Chris Kidd

Bob Brown has claimed Kevin Rudd’s reluctance to negotiate with the Greens was the real reason an emissions trading scheme did not pass parliament in 2009 and is accusing Anthony Albanese of making the same mistake.

The Greens founder defended his decision to veto the passage of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme as Adam Bandt and independent MPs on Thursday demanded changes to the Prime Minister’s climate change bill after receiving briefings from the office of Energy Minister Chris Bowen.

Mr Brown condemned the Australian Conservation Foundation and Greenpeace for backing a bill to enshrine Labor’s 43 per cent target in law.

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  • Kenneth Taylor July 15, 2022  

    Looks like the Greens are going against their Looney Mantor of greening the world and closing down food production completely. Good on them. They must have slipped up somehow.

  • Richard Barry OAM July 16, 2022  

    Love receiving and reading the latest however, I have a request. Can we not have a image of that bloke, who in my mind is guilty of treason, show up on a veteran news please?

  • Gavin Berry July 16, 2022  

    Well said Richard, I support your request to not have an image of “that bloke” on anything to do with Veterans matters.

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