The Government has this week passed two vital pieces of Legislation supporting Defence personnel, veterans and families.

Legislation extending the Incapacity Payments for Veterans Studying Pilot Program, and the Defence, Veterans’ and Families’ Acute Support Package will both go a long way to ensuring veterans and families get the support they need and deserve.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh said extending the pilot program until June 2023 means that veterans undertaking study as part of their Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) funded return to work rehabilitation program will continue to receive incapacity compensation payments calculated based on 100 per cent of pre-injury earnings.

“This pilot program will ensure that hundreds of veterans can continue their education as they transition from service without having to worry about changes to the household budget. This will ultimately increase their capacity and, indeed, opportunities for employment, which is a key predictor of success as they return to civilian life. It will ensure they are best placed to succeed,” Minister Keogh said.

“This Legislation is backdated so those veterans whose payments ended on 30 June 2022 due to the inaction of the previous Government are not out of pocket.

“Making sure our veterans and their families are well supported and looked after as they transition from the Australian Defence Force is an important task and responsibility of government—a solemn commitment. And that’s why it is so disappointing the former Liberal-National Government did not deliver on the passage of these pieces of Legislation in the last Parliament.”

The Defence, Veterans’ and Families’ Acute Support Package will enhance the existing program by expanding services available to families in times of crisis and allowing families greater choice in how they use those services.

Minister Keogh said the Acute Support Package will better equip working-age families to adjust to new or challenging life circumstances when they occur and also in the future.

“This Legislation will better improve support for families who are bereaved, and those who are in crisis—no matter the nature of that crisis. We want to ensure supports are wrapped around families when they need it—and quickly.” Said Minister Keogh

The Government is committed to the task of saving lives and ensuring a better future for our Defence and veteran communities.


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