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Since Joe Biden halted construction of the border wall, multiple reporters and Republican lawmakers have shared videos and photos of the massive piles of steel left stacked up along the border, which had been purchased for the wall during the Trump administration. The sight of unused material, purchased with taxpayer dollars, now not even being used, has prompted outrage among conservatives, as many have demanded that the wall should be finished. However, Ben Bergquam, a conservative journalist with Real America’s Voice News and Frontline America host, has revealed another massive supply of materials intended for the border, now left sitting in the desert. In a shocking video posted to social media this week, Bergquam showed millions of dollars worth of lighting materials that were intended to be installed along the border.

“You want to get pissed off?” Bergquam began.

“This is your tax dollars!” he said. “This is millions of dollars worth of equipment.”

He showed piles of concrete footings, boxes of lighting materials, and large rolls of conduit

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