From the Archives, 1966: Paint protest woman fined

A Campbelltown woman, 21, who had doused herself in red paint and interrupted a parade by returning troops on George Street, explained her actions to a Sydney courtroom.

Sydney Morning Herald Archive, Friday, June 10, 1966

Paint protest girl is fined $6, gets bond

Twenty-one-year-old Nadine Jensen was fined $6 yesterday for dousing herself with a red paint mixture and running into Wednesday’s parade troops.


“A woman dripping with red paint breaks into the ranks of the 1st Battalion during their march today. June 8, 1966.”CREDIT: NOEL STUBBS

Miss Jensen, a typist, of Rudd Street, Campbelltown, pleaded guilty in Central Court of Petty Sessions to offensive behaviour outside the Town Hall.

She was also placed on a $100 bond to be of good behaviour for 12 months.

Miss Jensen, whose hair was still stained by a patch of red paint, was entitled, as a first offender, to a closed court.

But she elected to be heard in open court.

Detective Sergeant A. Whitelaw said that about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Miss Jensen ran on to George Street as the troops, who had returned from Vietnam, approached the saluting dais.

“As she did so she poured a mixture of red pigment and turpentine over her head and clothing and then attempted to pass through the ranks,” he said.

Detective-Sergeant Whitelaw said Miss Jensen bumped into some of the lenders of the march, soiling their clothes with red paint.

“Anti-war protester Nadine Jensen, a typist from Campbelltown, is restrained by a police officer after covering herself in red paint during the return march in Sydney for the 1 RAR, after they returned from active duty in Vietnam. ”CREDIT:NOEL STUBBS

Asked by Mr B. Riley, S.M.. whether she had any explanation for her behaviour, Miss Jensen apologised for taking up the Court’s time.

“I believe it is the opinion of the Court that my action was wholly and solely against the soldiers,” she said.

But the soldiers were the instruments of higher authority, and her actions were against the authority itself she said.

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    I can remember that incident quite well. She really needed treatment for mental health.

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