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I enjoyed the story of the Polish Military Officers, and how they were mistreated by the British after the war.  A similar story also applies to all the polish pilots who helped the RAF in the Battle of Britain.  When the RAF chiefs wanted to know why the Polish pilots were claiming more kills, per capita, against the German Airforce than the RAF, they discovered that the Polish pilots were closing into their target much closer than the RAF pilots.  In some cases, the Polish pilots were only 100 to 120 feet from the target when they pulled the trigger!!  That almost fills the old saying, “Don’t shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes!”

However, after the war, the British Government held a parade through the streets of London for all the servicemen and women, including pilots and ground crew who directly took part in the Battle of Britain.  The parade included the RAF, RAAF, Canadian and NZ servicemen, but no Polish servicemen were invited to participate.

Also, in the 1950s, when the RAF was conducting nuclear trials out in the scrub of northern South Australia, they would detonate a Nuclear weapon, then ask the RAAF crew to fly a Lincoln Bomber from No 82 Wing at Amberley through the nuclear cloud and then land back at Woomera.  The British scientists would scan the skin of the Lincoln aircraft dressed in their white overalls, and the RAAF airmen would continue to carry out any appropriate maintenance on the aircraft dressed in the usual Australian style – Khaki shorts, and leather boots.  Many years later, hundreds of RAAF airmen would contract cancer, which was derived from the Nuclear tests at Woomera.

British Justice!!

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